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๐Ÿ‘‘ Princess Diana Conspiracies ๐Ÿ‘‘

Disclaimer: Writing about these conspiracy theories is for entertainment and I'm not saying that any of these things are facts. I'm not trying to spread misinformation or anything like that. I’m also not trying to be disrespectful in any way. Posting this article doesn’t mean I believe in these either, this is just some fun conspiracies about Princess Diana that I've come across after spending years with hyper conspiracy theorists. Next Sunday (5/10) will be my article about the JFK Assassination conspiracy theories so stay tuned. ๐Ÿ’›

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Princess Diana (born Diana Frances Spencer) was the Princess of Wales. The first wife of Prince Charles, and mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. She was born July 1st, 1961 to a noble family and died August 31st 1997 at the age of 36 in Paris, France. As a royal, she was extremely popular with the British public. She was known as the “People’s Princess” and dedicated her life to charities and charitable causes. She was a very progressive and forward seeking woman and many credit her with bringing the monarchy into the modern age. She was also considered a fashion icon in the 80s and 90s.

Her and Prince Charles relationship ended up being very challenging and it’s well known that their unhealthy relationship took a huge toll on her. Prince Charles allegedly had been having affairs for the entirety of their marriage and after she found out she started to have affairs of her own. These affairs on both sides were eventually made public and their relationship ended in divorce in 1996 one year before her death.

Princess Diana was an incredible woman who truly cared for other people. She would visit hospitals where babies had had open heart surgery and would sit with the parents and hold the babies for hours. She was truly kind-hearted and down to earth.

After her divorce from Prince Charles she had a relationship with a man named Dodi Fayed. He was the son of an Egyptian billionaire and he is the man she ended up dying with in a car crash on August 31st, 1997.

August 31st, 1997

Diana and Dodi Fayed were staying at the Ritz hotel in Paris, France. They were being heavily followed by paparazzi wherever they went. I don’t think people really understand how bad the paparazzi is for royals and especially for someone as popular as Princess Diana. At the time there were rumours that Diana was pregnant and was about to be engaged to Dodi so the paparazzi were even worse than usual. In order to leave the hotel undetected they had fake cars sit out front of the hotel while they left in the back. But paparazzi found out anyway and they were followed.

Princess Diana’s car crashed inside of the Pont de l'Alma tunnel just after midnight on August 31st, 1997. Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul (the driver) all unfortunately passed that night. The only survivor was Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who claims that he remembers almost nothing from the crash as he was very heavily injured.

The cause of the crash has been credited to poor driving while trying to get away from all of the paparazzi however there’s a lot of things that are strange with this incident. First of all, no one was wearing seat belts, even Diana. Who was always seen wearing one.

The ambulances took between an hour and ten minutes or an hour and forty minutes to get them to a hospital. In France its standard practice for all ambulances to be fully equipped with doctors and nurses so that they can begin administering care immediately. If the proper procedure would have been followed that night, Diana would have been in surgery in under 30 minutes.

The doctor in the ambulance with Diana ordered the driver to stop 30 seconds before arriving at the hospital. The entrance to the hospital was even in sight of the ambulance. Many people think that in the ambulance they were actually trying to make her injuries worse and that she wasn’t that bad and that she probably would have survived but they took a long time on purpose.

Diana was also immediately embalmed which is against the law in France. Her body was literally still warm when they did this. Some people think it was so the world would never know that she had been pregnant. Also because of this, no one was able to do a thorough medical examination of her body or injuries. So it was unable to determine if anyone had tampered with her body.

The tunnel that the crash happened in, was hosed down immediately and almost no investigation was done at the site. The tunnel was operational just a few hours after the crash. This just really doesn’t make any sense. This was Princess Diana, why would they try and move it along so quickly?

Also allegedly the reporters covering the story that night were ordered not to interview anyone who mentioned murder or anything out of the ordinary.

The car Diana died in was a Mercedes s280 and for some reason the company Mercedes refused to ever look at the car. A lot of people think that the car was tampered with and anyone who's an expert at Mercedes cars would be able to detect that immediately. Apparently the car had actually just been stolen and had been bought by a rental company. There are reports that there was a microchip missing from the car that controlled the breaking, the steering, the navigation, and its acceleration. Some people think that it had been replaced by a remote control that purposely crashed the car.

The French investigation concluded that the crash happened because the driver, Henri Paul, was drunk at the time of the crash. However many people do not believe this. His own family ordered for his blood to be retested and the results showed that his blood contained the drug Albendazole. Which his doctor says he was never prescribed. Henri had actually been prescribed Acamprosate but strangely enough this wasn’t found in his blood. It also showed very high levels of Carbon Monoxide which doesn’t make sense because on the security footage from that night he doesn’t show any indication that he was drunk or under the influence of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Also Henri’s neck broke in the crash. You don’t take any breaths after your neck breaks. So the carbon monoxide couldn’t have come from the scene of the crash because he wouldn’t have taken any breaths after his neck broke. There at ton of experts who believe that the blood that was tested was not actually Henri’s blood and that it was actually the blood of a suicide victim. That would explain the carbon monoxide in the blood. Another strange detail, Henri wasn’t even on duty that night, but he returned just to drive Dodi and Diana.

There have been multiple reports of a Fiat being seen driving very quickly out of the tunnel just after the crash occurred. Police have been able to confirm that it was a real car that was there but they were never able to locate its driver or find any other information about it.

A lot of people also reported seeing a huge flash of light in the tunnel just before the crash. And this wasn’t a flash like a camera flash, it was much much brighter and many believe that this is what distracted the driver into crashing.

Diana’s bodyguard doesn’t remember much of the actual crash but he does remember that there was someone on a motorbike who had been close to their car for the entirety of their journey. He says he remembers seeing the motorbike next to them at red lights, driving next to them, etc. Some people have reported that allegedly just after the crash, the person got off the motorbike, went over to the car, looked inside and then held up an X symbol with his arms.

Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones says that he remembers Diana moaning and calling out for Dodi. So she was alive after the crash occurred and must have died sometime in the ambulance as she arrived at the hospital declared deceased.

I don’t know about you, but there just seems to be too much sketchiness around this case for it to be considered an accident. Also Dodi’s father conducted a 10 year investigation into his son's death. He only stopped out of respect for Diana's sons but he still thinks that Diana and his son was murdered.


  • The most popular conspiracy theory and the one most widely believed is that the Royal Family did it. The Queen is literally above the law and when she orders something. It’s done. Many people think that the Queen didn’t like Diana because of how progessive she was. The royal family is very conservative and secretive and Diana really just didn’t fit in. At Diana’s funeral the Queen doesn’t look upset at all and can even be seen smiling at one point. People think that she was happy that Diana was dead. (This could be because the Queen - as a ruler - is not allowed to show any kind of weakness. This could explain why she didn’t look upset at Diana's funeral. Although it can't explain her smiling.)
    • Diana was in a relationship with a Muslim man. If she was pregnant with his child or was going to marry him. That would mean the Princes would have a Muslim step-father. The royal family is extremely concerned with their image and many people think that this is why they took her out. Dodi’s father believes that this is why Diana and his son were murdered. He is convinced that Prince Philip did it. 
    • Diana was also extremely popular and held an extreme influence over the people of Britain. The people loved her and whatever she would have advocated for, she would have had many followers. Her influence may have been too much of a threat to the royal family. 
      • To go along with this, allegedly Diana was about to be advocating on behalf of the Paelstinians. The Royal family would not have wanted this. 
    • Princess Diana’s butler has come out and has said that Diana was extremely afraid of Prince Charles. It’s well known that he wasn’t nice to her and treated her poorly during their marriage and after. Her butler claims that during the last few years of her life she was paranoid that they were keeping tabs on her. She had even allegedly given her a butler a note that said that she was convinced that Prince Charles was planning “an accident” for her in her car so that Diana would be gone and Prince Charles would be free to marry Camilla. 
    • An interesting fact, after Diana and Charles’s divorce, Diana was offered to keep her Royal protection but she turned it down because she knew that the Royal family would keep tabs on her that way. So she hired her own bodyguards. 
  • Probably the second most popular theory is that Diana was targeted by the British MI6/MI5 secret service. This is basically the British equivalent of the CIA. A former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson, claims that MI6 is responsible and had been monitoring Diana for months before her death. He also claims that they had an informant at the hotel that Diana was staying at in Paris. Interestingly however, he ended up retracting those statements years later. He also claimed that in 1992 MI6 was plotting an assassination against a world leader and that the plan was identical to how Diana was killed. (With the tunnel and flash of light,etc.) Richard also claimed that an undercover informant that had posed as paparazzi was supposed to do an interview in the US and when he landed at the JFK airport the CIA intercepted him and deported him back to the UK. 
  • Some people think that Dodi was actually the assassination target. And that he was targeted by business enemies of his father. 
  • Some people even think Diana faked her death to be with Dodi Fayed. She had been hounded by the paparazzi for years and that maybe she just wanted to get away from it all and finally live a peaceful life. (Most people do not believe this one however. It was well known that Diana loved her sons more than anything and would never have just faked her death and left them.)

In the End

Diana’s death was officially ruled an accident. The world was shocked by her sudden passing. People left public offerings of flowers, candles, cards, and personal messages outside Kensington Palace for months. Diana's funeral took place in Westminster Abbey on September 6th 1997. Her sons walked in the funeral procession behind her coffin, along with her ex-husband the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh, Diana's brother Lord Spencer, and representatives of some of her charities. Her brother, the Earl Spencer at her funeral,

“Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity. All over the world, a standard bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcended nationality. Someone with a natural nobility who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.”

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