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💄 The Mysterious Death of JonBenét Ramsey 💄

Disclaimer: Writing about these conspiracy theories is for entertainment and I'm not saying that any of these things are facts. I'm not trying to spread misinformation or anything like that. I’m also not trying to be disrespectful in any way. Posting this article doesn’t mean I believe in these either, this is just some conspiracy theories that I've come across after spending years with hyper conspiracy theorists. 💛

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JonBenét (pronounced John - Ben - Ay) was a famous child beauty pageant queen. Born August 6th, 1990 she died on either December 25th, or December 26th of 1996 when she was just 6 years old. She was an outgoing southern girl who at age six had already won multiple pageant titles making her a household name in the pageant world. Her death became one of the most famous police investigations of all time and her death remains unsolved to this day.

JonBenét’s unusual name is actually named after her dad John Bennett Ramsey. They put his names together and put a french twist to it.

JonBenét came from an affluent family. Her father John worked for a company called Access Graphics and was extremely successful and very high up in the company. He was a multi-millionaire and the Ramsey family owned a 15 bedroom mansion in Boulder Colorado where she died.

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December 25th - 26th 1996

On Christmas day 1996 the Ramsey family went to another family's house for Christmas dinner and according to the family JonBenét fell asleep on the car ride home and they just brought her up to bed when they got home. That next morning at 5:52am police dispatch received a call from Patsy Ramsey (her mom). On the call Patsy is frantically saying that her daughter is kidnapped and that she has found a ransom note. Right away the police were taking this as a kidnapping.

Something that’s really odd is that Patsy called a bunch of her friends over right away. Which contaminated the whole crime scene. The Boulder Police, in my opinion, totally fucked up this. They just let a TON of people come in and hang around the house which was a crime scene! One of the Ramsey’s friends actually started cleaning their house - which obviously tampered with evidence and made it that much harder for police to investigate.

The police behaviour that day is super off. Later that day one of the police officers even says to John that he and one of his friends should just go search through the house for JonBenét because the house was so big and they wanted to do a final check. So John and his friend go down to the wine cellar and that’s where they find JonBenét wrapped up in a blanket on the floor dead.

John claims that he was completely beside himself and was screaming. He says that he was just so so upset that without thinking he just picked up his daughter’s body and brought her upstairs. Which is a huge problem! You should never move a body away from a crime scene. Now the evidence and crime scene are even more tampered with than it was in the beginning! The police just totally fucked up with this from the start.

Most crimes, especially when it happens in a home, makes the family an immediate suspect. There were no signs of forced entry into the house. It was winter and there were no footprints outside. There was a broken window in the basement but John claims that he already knew that that window was broken and that it had been broken for months.

JonBenét was a pageant girl and these pageants are a huge hotspot for pedophiles because these pageants sexual these kids at such a young age. They put makeup on them and make them appear a lot older than they are and they sometimes sing provocative things. So a lot of people thought that it was a pedophile from one of these pageants. Although that doesn’t make sense with this ransom note. (There has been a huge push in recent years to ban child pageants in the US. In 2013 France completely banned child pageants for children under the age of 16).

The police weren’t able to find any connection to the pageant world with this. So the parents became the prime suspects.

Let's talk about the ransom note. First of all it was about 3 pages long. It was very long, very drawn out and it was written on a notepad from the Ramsey’s kitchen. It’s almost like someone just sat down in their kitchen and wrote the whole thing. Who would come into a house, murder someone, leave the body in the basement, and then sit in their kitchen and write out a super long ransom note for JonBenét when she’s already dead. Ransom notes are written in advance, they’re not 3 pages long and they’re not for someone who is already dead.

In the note, it said that in order to get their daughter back they would need to give $118,000, which happened to exactly be John's Christmas bonus that year. It's kinda odd that someone would ask for that exact number. Also the Ramsey’s are multi-millionaires, why would the “kidnapper” only ask $118,000 of someone who is as wealthy as they are?

When experts looked over the ransom note, they determined that it was probably someone trying to stage the situation or alter what really happened. The handwriting also changes throughout the note. To experts, it showed that someone had tried to make their handwriting look very different in the beginning but got sloppy towards the end of the note. There were also lines in the note that were exact lines from popular movies with ransom notes.

Investigators took handwriting samples from John and Patsy on the same note pad that the ransom note was on and they were able to determine that John did not write the letter. But they were not able to prove that Patsy did or didn’t. They did say that some things in the note were very similar to how Patsy writes and that she had a unique way of writing letters that was present in the note. However despite this they still were not able to say definitely that she wrote it. 

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A lot of words in the ransom note were spelled wrong as well. It just seemed like it was written by someone who had no idea what they were doing. Also again, how weird is it for someone to write a ransom note that long on the scene of the crime especially after the person had already died. The ransom note was signed S.B.T.C. which to this day, no one knows what that means.

Okay let's get to the murder scene.

The Investigation

JonBenét was strangled with a garrote which was actually part of a paint brush from Patsy Ramsey’s hobby kit. She was also hit on the head with some type of heavy object that investigators have never been able to determine what exactly. She also showed signs of sexual abuse. Her actual cause of death was asphyxia from strangulation.

Evidence shows that JonBenét was strangled 45 minutes to 2 hours after she was hit in the head. She also had duck tape over her mouth and later investigators found that there were fibers from Patsy Ramsey’s sweater on that duck tape. Patsy Ramsey was also wearing that same outfit that she wore to her friends Christmas dinner the next day when police were called. She had never changed clothes. She claims that she just put her clothes back on that morning, but that's kind of a weird thing to do - had all of her same accessories on as well.

When JonBenét was buried they put December 25th as her date of death. People have been very critical about this because it was never determined that she died on December 25th.

Very quickly after JonBenéts body was found, they Ramseys stopped cooperating with police. They stopped doing interviews with the police but they did do a tv interview without even telling their lawyers or the police. The police were very frustrated with this because the parents could talk to national television but they couldn’t do an interview to help investigators find out what happened?

You can see the interview they did with CNN. It seems very off and weird to me but you can watch if for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

A huge missing link to this is JobBenéts brother Burke. Where was Burke when this all happened? He was 9 years old at the time and apparently sleeping in his bed the whole time and was still sleeping even when the police got there. Even though Patsy allegedly had gone into his room freaking out and looking for JonBenét. Burke has actually just gone on the Dr. Phil Show talking about this and that interview is SUPER weird. Maybe he's just a weird guy but man that interview is weird. You can watch it here. (It will open in another window).

If you're accused of your sister's murder, and someone asks you on record, how you feel about that, your answer should be "I can't believe people think that way. I loved her. I would never do that." Not, "Well look at the evidence, or lack thereof." with a smile.

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It's very odd for a 9 year old to just stay in bed while his mom is screaming and frantically looking around the house. It's also super weird for his parents to not think to go get him out of his room if his sister is allegedly kidnapped. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that your other kid is safe?

The dispatcher has also done interviews where she says that she heard other voices in the background during that call. At the end of the call Patsy had thought that she hung up but she didn’t and the dispatcher said that she could hear muffled voices. With updated technology these days people have been going through that call again and can hear a third voice in the background. The only other person who was there was the brother Burke. So that would mean that the family altered their story.

The police ended up finding a heavy duty flashlight in their house that the Ramseys claimed didn’t belong to them. Experts who have recently looked into the case say that they’re positive that that is the object that hit JonBenét that night.

Another huge element to this case is that there was a bowl of pineapple sitting on the dining room table. Specifically a bowl of pineapple and milk which was JonBenéts favorite dessert. The fingerprints on the bowl are from Patsy and from Burke. The strange thing about that is that when they did JonBenéts autopsy there were still remnants of pineapple in her stomach. That means that the pineapple was very recently eaten. Which doesn’t fit the story that the Ramseys told - that she fell asleep on the way home and that they just brought her upstairs still asleep.

There was DNA evidence of an unidentified person found underneath JonBenéts fingernails and that same DNA was found in her underwear. Investigators have never been able to find out who it is and it does not belong to anyone in the Ramsey family.

A man named Dr. Henry Lee has claimed to have identified the DNA as remnants left by factory workers at the manufacturing plants for the clothes she was wearing. He claims to have tested a new package of underwear from the department store and found DNA matches in those too. He says that they're under her fingernails because when you wear your clothes you tend to pull at your clothes from time to time.

Some people think the DNA was from some who sexually abused her during the Christmas party they had been to that night. Some people think she wasn’t sexually abused at all and that her mom wiped her too hard. The evidence showed that she had been wiped with a cloth.

In 2008 a man named John Mark Carr came forward saying he killed JonBenét but it was actually discovered that he made up the whole thing. He was just obsessed with her.

Also in 2008 Patsy passed away from Ovarian Cancer. She had battled it for many years. All that’s left is Burke who is in his 30s and John. Birk has actually done quite few interviews on the topic and he is the subject for a lot of scrutiny. Many people are extremely suspicious of him.

The media and documentaries etc, all seem to have the same theory. That Burke was kind of a violent kid and had hit his sister before. Many people think that Burke possibly hurt his sister and killed her and the parents didn’t wanna lose both kids so they staged the whole thing. 

The Theories

Here's what experts think. It all goes back to the bowl of pineapple.

  • People think that JonBenét had woken up and went downstairs because she was excited about Christmas and thats were Patsy and Burke were having a bowl of pineapple and milk. The theory goes that she just took some out with her fingers - which is why her fingerprints were never on the bowl - and Burke was mad that she took some of his pineapple and grabbed the flashlight and hit her, knocking her unconscious. Patsy and John, thinking that it killed her, decided to stage the whole thing in order to save Burke.
    • A lot of people argue, how could a 9 year old hit someone hard enough to knock them out? Well kids have pretty delicate skulls when they’re young and tests have been done to prove that this is possible for Burke to have knocked her out.
    • People think that John and Patsy thought she was dead so they staged her being strangled not knowing that she was still alive and that they actually ended up killing her themselves. The strangulation happened 45minutes to 2 hours after the initial head trauma. 
    • Some people think that S.B.T.C means Saved Burke Through Coverup. Furthering this theory that the parents staged it to cover for Burke. 
  • Some people think that it actually was an intruder but to me the ransom note just explains it all.
    • ( It was written on their pad of paper. I don’t see any type of criminal or kidnapper doing that. Along with writing movie quotes and knowing the exact amount of the bonus -which wasn’t even that much for a family this wealthy - it just doesn’t add up.)

It really looks like it was all thrown together really last minute in a panic. It does not have any signs of pre planning at all. They didn’t even have time to change their clothes. A grand jury has looked over the case and suggested that they go to trial however the DA shot it down. The family was cleared by the police 🤔

In the End

The JonBenét Rasmey case took over the world and continues to captivate and spark theories to this day. She was such a bright little girl and had an amazing future ahead. Her murder is still unsolved and we may never know why this beautiful innocent litte girls life was cut short. Her case is still open at the Boulder Police Department.

Rest in Peace JonBenét.

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