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Saturday, February 15, 2020

♻️ 29 Ways to be More Sustainable ♻️

It’s a matter of fact. We don’t need 10 million clothes in our closets. There’s studies that have shown that people only wear about 30% of their closets. So why would you buy all these clothes you’re not really gonna wear them? Fast fashion is a disease for our planet and not good for our bodies. Polyester is PLASTIC. Trust me you don’t want that on your skin. 

There are so many ways to be sustainable and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact it could end up saving you a lot of money. Sustainability is FREE whereas fast fashion is so expensive for our planet and our people on it.  You may think that you can’t participate in sustainable fashion because you just can’t afford it. I get it but trust me, you can. Think about the kids in sweatshops who made those clothes. They get paid pennies a day and can’t even afford food. You can afford name brand clothes at GoodWill. It’s so much easier than you think and so much more important than people know. 

Here are some things that I do to be sustainable. I'm not perfect but I try. Hopefully it’ll give you some ideas! Let me know what you do to be more sustainable! I could always use more ideas :) 

  1. I never buy new clothes
    1. The only clothes I buy “new” is socks and underwear and occasionally pants (because my ass is too damn big)
    2. I always buy my “new” clothes at places like TJ Maxx so the orginal brand doesn’t get the money for it or I buy them at small boutiques to shop small and keep the money in my community
  2. I bring my own bags to any store. (clothes, groceries, convenience stores, etc. all use single use plastic bags booooo)
    1. You can get some cute bags Here 
  3. I buy my groceries in either glass containers or cardboard boxes 
    1. This ones harder to do since theres plastic in pretty much everything but I do my best
  4. Reusable cups!! Coffee cups, soda cups etc. 
    1. I really like the cold cups that Starbucks has, I bring mine everywhere. If you buy a fountain pop anywhere you can get it in your reusable soda cup AND you can costumize it yourself or buy it costumized from Etsy :)
    2. You can find some Starbucks cold cups Here 
  5. Shop Vintage!
    1. Depop, Poshmark, Mercari
    2. You can shop online with these apps and its so easy! And so fun to find something you’ve really wanted in your size! I’ve got all my Uggs off Poshmark and Depop
    3. My Depop is @katiedallas
  6. Recycle (obviously)
    1. Paper, textiles, glass, etc. 
  7. Use Bamboo Toothbrushes, Hairbrushes, and Razors
  8. Use Dryer Balls
  9. Reduce Beef intake
  10. Shorter shower time
    1. (even a minute adds up to a lot)
  11. Reusable straws you can get some cute Sand Cloud ones Here 
  12. Shop local
    1. This goes for local produce from small local farms there’s a lot more local produce than you might think
  13. Reusable cloths for makeup removal OR biodegradable makeup wipes
  14. Rework the clothes that you already have
  15. Walk everywhere possible
  16. Use natural laundry detergent
  17. Fix your old things instead of buying new
  18. Conscious consumerism!
  19. Email receipts instead of paper receipts 
  20. Buy Used Furniture!
    1. My favorite and most beautiful furniture is all vintage / second hand
  21. Turn off and unplug EVERYTHING when not in use
  22. Use old newspapers / reuse wrap paper to wrap gifts
  23. Buy Organic!
  24. Buy less stuff
  25. Use a compost bin 
  26. Get plants for your house
  27. Buy compostable garbage bags
  28. Use bamboo dish sponges
  29. Shop at grocery stores where you bring your own container 

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