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Saturday, October 24, 2020

✨7 Ways to Manifest Anything and Everything ✨

What is Manifesting?

Essentially manifesting is attracting anything you desire to you. Through thoughts, belief and actions.  What you think you become, and your thoughts truly to create your reality. The most important aspect of manifesting is that you truly believe that whatever you are trying to attract to you is actually possible. Once you remove those blocks in your mind that hold you back from achieving and attracting the dream life you've always wanted. You can manifest anything into your life. 

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Manifestation isn't really all about just getting things that you want. 

Its about becoming the version of yourself that will attract it to you. 

There are many ways to manifest and Im only gonna touch on a few that I believe work the best for me but I encourage you all to look more into this and really figure out what works best for you. What works for some people may not work for others. Pinterest is a good resource for short form manifestation tips and there are countless youtube videos on this topic. Also WitchTok - the Witchcraft side of TikTok is honestly a great place to learn all kinds of Witchy tips. With the internet at your disposal, finding any information you want is up to you!

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A few WitchTokkers I like:

  1. astral.angel.ashley    
  2. unicoleunicron
  3. witchsandwich
  4. arielwillow7 (my personal favorite) 
There are SO SO many more great WitchTokkers out there, once the algorithm picks up what you're into you'll be suggested so many good ones trust me. 

A few good Pinterest Boards: 
A couple of good youtube channels: 
  1. Hearthfire Fox 
  2. Keelin Moncreiff - This is one isn't just witchcraft youtuber but she makes some good witchy content in a fun way

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 So here are ✨7 Ways to Manifest Anything and Everything ✨

  1. The Full Moon Written Paper Method
    • Determine what you want to manifest
    • Be very clear on want you want to manifest 
    • Remove all distractions and devote yourself with total concentration - you will accomplish a lot in a short period of time
    • Write down on a piece of paper what you would like to manifest BUT write it like you already have it (i.e. I am thankful for...) This works best during a full moon. 
    • Write the date at the top of the piece of paper and sign at the bottom when you are done writing all that you would like to manifest
    • Meditate and light a white candle - Go through your list and express how thankful you are to the universe for everything (act like you already have it, - thank you so much for ...) Truly feel grateful for it. This is a key step. 
    • When you are done going through the list and feel strongly connected, burn the paper in the candle. 
    • Continue to feel grateful and thankful to the universe.
    • This is how I manifested paying off all my $45,000 worth of student loans 💖
    • NOTE: It may take months for something you want to manifest. Trust in divine timing and that everything will happen when its the right time. If you continue to believe and always express your gratitude you will manifest all your desires. 
  2. The Glass of Water Method
    • Wake up in the morning giving/saying how thankful you are to the universe for what you have (or what you would like to have but act like you already have it) don't make this one super long, just one or two things you would really like to manifest
    • Write it down and tape it onto a glass of water while meditating with intention. 
    • Drink the water with strong intentions and gratitude of what you desire. 
    • You can accomplish a lot in a short period of time. 
  3. Journaling and Affirmations 
    • What has always worked best for me is writing down exactly what I would like to manifest. On countless occasions I have come across an old notebook or journal where I had written what I would like to manifest and realized that it has all come true. 
    • Write a journal entry as if you already have everything that you would like to manifest. Like a day in your perfect life. Keep doing this until it becomes your reality. 
    • Your thoughts create your reality so a good way to manifest is by writing down and affirming out loud everything you wish to have and things that you already have. (i.e. I am financially abundant. I am loved. I am strong. etc.) This is a very powerful manifestation technique. 
  4. Create a Vision Board
    • This ones pretty self explanatory, just make a vision board!
    • Your vision board is a visual representation of your goals and desires. 
    • Grab some old magazines, some glue and some paper and put on there anything you would like to have or how you would like your life to look.
    • Put it up somewhere where you will see it everyday. 
  5. Visualize 
    • Visualize exactly what you would like to have or how you would like your life to look
    • Some people recommend doing this right before you fall asleep but I feel like its really whatever you're feeling
    • When you visualize be very specific and try to be as clear as possible. Don't forgot to include yourself in this vision! 
  6. A Manifestation Box
    • Use an old box or container and paint it/decorate it to your desires
    • Place in the box anything you would like to attract and do so with strong intention and gratitude. 
    • Give thanks and affirm your wishes - either mentally or verbally out loud whatever you feel would be best for you
  7. The Full Moon
    • The full moon is the best time to try and manifest anything. Make sure to thank the moon and talk to her as an old friend (and the stars, they are listening) 
    • Probably one the least labor intensive ways to manifest is talking to/asking the moon for al that you desire during a full moon. The moon and the universe loves you and wants to give you everything you desire. Talk to them. 

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You are a child of the universe! You are special and Divine and deserve to live a beautiful and wonderful life! A witches power comes from within themselves thats why it's so important to practice self love and self care. Take care of yourself. 

Also please feel free to change these up or add your own little twist on any of these manifestation techniques. It's really whatever works for you. I have manifested my student loans being paid off, a new Lexus and the perfect job using these techniques. Lemme know what works for you :) 


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✨Roadtrip✨ Glacier National Park 🌲and Going To The Sun Road ☀️


Saturday, October 17, 2020

🌲Parkies ✌🏼

  Hi my name is Katie and I live and work in National Parks. 

As you can imagine, when you live and work with the same group of people in the middle of the woods cut off from civilization for several months. Shit goes down. 

... and you learn a lot about your fellow Parkies. 

Thats the unofficial word for people like us. People who live and work in National Parks. We're roamers, dreamers, adventurers... 

When I sit and think about it, we're kind of hard to classify. A bunch of high-key weirdos and low-key outcasts might be a good way to put it. Or maybe it would be better the other way around. I dunno. See what I mean? Hard to classify. 

 We're all a  little lonely and just out there in the middle of nowhere trying to figure it all out. The good part is, we're all doing it together. And the bonds you make with these people? Unlike any other. Its like being in a platonic rom-com. You hopelessly fall in love with so so many people. (Platonically, - but also in some cases romantically but don't hold your breath for that just sayin). 

And the STORIES these people tell? Oh. My. God. I have heard the craziest shit man let me tell ya. I've also done the craziest shit with these people and I really wanna write it all down. This shit has GOT to be remembered ya feel me. 

Lets start off with the one and only time I saw a bear while in Glacier. 

Me and my buddy were planning to hike Highline that day because it was finally open. (It had been closed for a while because of too many bear sightings. Fun fact, a lot of the people who come to the park bring their dogs on the trails even though they are clearly marked (many times) that dogs are not allowed. Why? Because bears freakin love to attack doggos and they get super aggressive with them. So when a bunch of assholes bring their dogs on the trails guess what? A ton of bears show up and NPS (National Park Service) shuts it down so now nobody can hike it. Don't be an asshole please and don't bring your dogs on the trails Jesus.)

Anyway, that was a fun anecdote.  

So me and my buddy were on Going-To-The-Sun-Road near avalanche when all of a sudden a little yearling black bear comes sprinting out of the woods and goes directly in front of the car in front of us. 

The little thing was sprinting SO fast we didn't even see her until she was already in the middle of the road. The lady in front of us honestly probably didn't even see her either until she was directly in front of her car and they tried to stop but it was to late and the little yearling just got nailed right in the back thigh and went flying head over heels into the ditch. 

She did a couple flips and landed on her back with her hands up in the air. She honestly had a very human-looking surprised look on her face and it was kind of funny even considering the circumstances. But she didn't waste any time and she just go right up and sprinted off up the mountain seemingly unharmed. 

and that was the one and only time I saw a bear while in Glacier.

Thank yee so much for reading 💖 

luv u 😘 

- Katie 

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