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๐Ÿ”ฑ The Lost City of Atlantis ๐Ÿ”ฑ

Many of you probably know about the Lost City of Atlantis and no I’m not talking about  the Atlantis resort or the Disney movie. I'm talking the real Lost City of Atlantis. 

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First of all, how do you lose a city? Well after thousands and thousands of years places can get lost and buried. This isn’t a new phenomena if you’ve ever studied Anthropology, Archaeology or History. There were many civilizations that have come and gone that we don’t know anything about. 

Atlantis is considered by many to be mythical, as in it was never a real place. The only reason we even know about Atlantis is because the famous Greek philosopher Plato wrote about it in his books Timaeus and Critias. His writings were so detailed that it has led many to suspect it being a real place. Plato is the reason we know about a lot of things in history, a lot of his writings were factual not fantasy. He is kind of known as a factual authority for the ancient world. 

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The whole section he provides on Atlantis is like a mini history book. The thing is, he says that Atlantis was waayyy before even his time. So we’re talking like ancient ancient. For many many years this was taken as just a story but in 1870 a man who read the Iliad by Homer. Took his book and used it has a map to find the City of Troy and he actually found it. This discovery really changed everything. People started to think that maybe these aren’t just stories… maybe they’re guide books. History books but in a more artistic language. 

This is what inspired many people to search for the lost city of Atlantis. According to Plato, Atlantis existed 9,000 years before he was born. He said that it existed in the Atlantic Ocean outside the pillars of Hercules. He said that Atlantis was mighty, powerful, and advanced. According to him it was placed on a lush island, surrounded by mountains with beautiful nature, and exotic animals. 

According to him Atlantis was a port city with 3 layers of rings around the center. He even gave exact dimensions for the whole city. Experts who study Atlantis think that it was probably extremely advanced. Their technology was likely comparable to our level, but with a different technology base. Ours is based on electronics, etc. While the Atlantians are theorized to have had their technology based on harmonics and crystals. 

Here's how Plato says it all went down. He said that this was a city of love, harmony, and peacefulness. They were peaceful with other countries but eventually greed was their downfall and their entire city was destroyed by Poseiden (the God of the Sea). He said that there were natural disasters that struck. Earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, etc.  

There are many different groups of researchers who are actively looking for the lost city of Atlantis and they are looking in all different parts of the world. There are an incredible amount of theories but I’m only gonna talk about a few because if I didn’t this article would be 10 million pages long. 

One of the biggest and most believed theories is that it is under a big national park in Doรฑana National Park in modern day Spain. Scientists have been able to send satellites up that can see under the ground and they’ve found what appears to be rings in that area. They can’t just go digging in this area however because it’s a national park and its probably really really deep and hard to get to. Governments don’t let people go diggin around just for fun either, you have to have a lot of proof before anything can really be done. Not to even mention the enormous amount of funding that would be needed for this. 

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When they measured the rings and everything, it matched the dimensions that Plato had written. Down to even the structures. Plato mentioned these statues and scientists can see with their satellites places where these statues could still be and it is the same exact dimension. Geologists say that they’re very confident that these are human-made structures. 

About 120 miles away from Doรฑana, there is another ancient structure called Cancho Roano that is set up pretty much exactly like Atlantis but on a much smaller scale. Some people believe that this was a memorial set up by some of the survivors of the people of Atlantis because the city appears to be more of a replica of a city rather than an actual functional city. 

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Plato says that the story of Atlantis was told to him by the Greek legislator Solon who heard from the priests of Ancient Egypt. It seems like the Egyptians had direct contact with the Atlanitans. At the site Cancho Roano, ancient egyptians artifacts were found. It appears that the people who created Cancho Roano used the same symbols as the Egyptians. At the site, there is even a drawing of the city of Atlantis with 3 concentric circles. In some Egyptian cities, there's even writing on the walls about the city.

Atlantis was very well known for its metals and it was a very wealthy city. Other civilizations would travel for years to the city just to get some of these metals. There is one specific metal that historians think Atlantis was known for called Orichalcum. This Orichalcum was considered very rare, second only to gold and was used to decorate Poseidens temple. 

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There are some other theories about where the City is. Some people think that it’s under the water in Spain. Their theory is that when all of these tsunamis happened it probably just brought everything out to sea. There are other theorists who think that Atlantis was actually the Minoans. 

In the Bible there are stories about cities called Tarshish and Tarsus. These were described as port cities that were thriving and incredibly wealthy. It also said that people would travel for 3 years just to get to these cities. Both of these cities just ceased to exist all of a sudden. Some people think that the bible was actually referring to Atlantis and that is just wasn’t called Atlantis at the time. 

There is a theory that states that the Mayans are actually descendents of people who escaped Atlantis. People think this because a lot of their culture was the same and the ways that Atlantis was described could also apply to Mayan civilization. 

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Some people think that the City was swallowed up by the Bermuda Triangle. There are also a lot of people who think that Atlantis is actually in Antarctica. This whole theory started because of a man named Charles Hapgood who wrote a book in 1958 called The Earth's Shifting Crust. According to him 12,000 years ago the earth's crust shifted which is why the city is in Antarctica right now. He believes that it’s somewhere beneath the ice. (There are so many conspiracies about Antarctica there is an article coming up in a few weeks). Some people think that the island of Santorini in Greece is actually where Atlantis used to be. 

There are so many different theories to look into I can't possible get to them all but if you are interested in learning more I really suggest looking to Graham Hancock. He has a lot of interesting theories and is just an interesting man in general. 

A lot of people think that Atlantis was completely fictional. Which is possible. Some historians think that Plato made this up because he was describing his ideas for a perfect civilization and that it was a cautionary tale about greed. 

What do you think? Was it all made up or is there some truth to it? 

I think that it was real. Cities like this existed thousands of years ago and there's so many reports of ancients having power that we don’t have. I like to keep an open mind about these things, because we just don't know. Maybe its not meant to be found? Maybe its supposed to remain a mystery. ๐Ÿ˜

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