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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

🌙 What is a Moon Sign? 🌙

Hi, Hello how ya doing 😉 

In my Sun Series I went through some astrology basics and "What is a Sun Sign?" at the top of every sun series article and I've decided that I'm not gonna do that for the moon series because its just repetitive and boring. 

So for future reference when you're reading my Moon Series and don't really remember what a moon sign is you can just come here for a refresher. The Moon Series posts are just gonna be what the traits of the signs in the moon position and not an explanation of what a moon sign is, got it? okay yay :) 

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Astrology is extremely complex and you are several signs not just your sun sign. Your sun sign is the sign that the sun was in when you were born. The moon sign is a little different in that its where the moon was in the sky during your birth and it changes every few days. 

The moon rules your emotional self. It's your emotional instincts and habits. If your moon is in Aries you probably get angry easily and if your moon is in Pisces you may get your feelings hurt a little too easily. The moon sign is where you find yourself comfortable. If you have a Libra moon you may have gotten married young, if you're a Leo moon you may find that you like to stay single. This obviously has a lot to do with what's in the rest of your chart - like I said astrology is super complex, but you may relate to some of these traits if your moon sign is in these signs. 

The moon also rules your subconscious and inner self. The you that you don't show the world. The part of you that's hidden just like the moon is always partially hidden. It's key in understanding your relationships. 

The moon explains your inner emotional needs and childhood trauma. It represents The Mother and can tell you about your relationship with yours. 

If your moon is in an air sign you may find it hard to figure out exactly what you're feeling and you don't tend to get attached easily. If your moon is in a water sign, you may be a little needy in relationships, or extremely sensitive. A moon sign in an earth position may mean that you are looking for permanence and something you can build from. A fire sign in the moon position could mean that you move quickly in relationships, and are spontaneous. Moving from one extreme to another. 

I feel like understanding what a moon sign might make more sense when you read about the signs in the moon position so if you're confused thats okay, I'll have more articles up soon :) 

Im really looking forward to diving into the Moon signs!! I feel like you can't really understand or know a person until you know their moon sign. 

 So just like with my Sun Series I'm going to be going through the zodiac wheel starting with Aries. I'm planning on getting that up within the next couple days so stay tuned and thanks for reading 💛

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

✈️ Small Announcement! ✈️

Hi everyone I have a small announcement. 

I have another blog! 

Whereas this blog is dedicated to true crime, conspiracies, witchcraft, etc. I wanted a place that's more fitting for my adventures, stories, thoughts, etc. Something more casual that doesn't really fit into the style of this blog. Something that's just me :) 

without further ado I give you My Morning Playlist

That was supposed to be a gif but idk if it'll work lol. 

Anyway, My Morning Playlist  is gonna be a super casual place for me tell my travel stories, life things, and just overall whatever I feel like. For now I think its gonna be a Travel/Lifestyle blog but i dunno we'll see what happens lol. 

I think Im gonna tell a few of my favorite travel stories like the time I almost got arrested in Estonia or how the first night I ever spent in New York City I got into a super exclusive erotic burlesque club lol

Thank you for reading! And plz head over there to check it out if you feel like it, thank 😘

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

🔮 10 Signs You're a Witch 🔮

Hello everyone my name is Katie and I'm a witch.

Witchcraft has been super demonized in the media for that last like several hundred years. Witches don't fly around on broom sticks or eat little kids. True witchcraft focuses on the energy within you and in everything in the world. There are several different types of witches but they all tend to have the same core beliefs and focus. At the core of their beliefs is self-care, connection to the divine, manifestation, among several other things.

I think people can choose to become witches but another important aspect is The Call. Are you being called to it? Is their something fundamentally luring you down that long crooked path like a carrot on a string in order to get your attention? 

Witchcraft, mage-craft, shamanism and etc... aren't for the light of heart. It can be some pretty heavy, scary life changing shit. Is the universe beckoning you through dreams, through strange experiences, by constantly reminding you you are not like everyone else? 

This can be shown to you through many paths. Some people, from a young age have strong connections and attachments to animals. "Just knowing" that there is something different and special about you. 

Seeing repeating number patterns, experiencing paranormal phenomena, feeling energy differences. It can be scary to start experiencing these for the first time. It's easy to ignore "the call" because its scary and unfamiliar territory. I think that having these psychic/unexplainable experiences are an important step into stepping into your path as a witch. It shows you that there is more that lies beyond the mundane. 

 When you start to open up that side of yourself, spirits and energy from other dimensions are going to come to because they are attracted to your light/energy. They see your energy and are curious. Some spirits will come to try and trick you, to siphon your energy, or to manipulate you. Its important that you learn how to protect yourself.  

When you become a witch you will start to develop relationships with non-humans, gods, goddesses, deities. You will become open to vibrations and shifts in frequencies. You will start to see parts of the world you were unable to before. You will find that there is so much more to the world than meets the eye. 

Once you choose to answer the call. You become open to so much more in life, and the power within you. 

Signs you may be a Witch. 

  1. You find yourself being drawn to articles just like this.
    1.  When you are being called to witchcraft you find yourself being drawn to all that witchy stuff. Crystals, candles, the occult. You find yourself stumbling down little rabbit wholes that leads you to witchcraft. The universe is trying to show you that this is your path. Finding yourself being interested in witchcraft when you've never been exposed to it before is a first step. Many witches are born knowing that there is unexplainable energy in this world. Many start out extremely religious only to find it doesn't really fulfill them, or match their beliefs. It is only when they discover witchcraft that they truly feel at east. It just feels right to you.  
  2. You've experienced things in your life that you just can't explain. 
    1. You may "just know" things about other people without being able to possibly know them. You may be thinking about someone and then they call you right as you're thinking about them. You pick up on synchronicities in your environment. You pick up that you are being shown signs. You have feelings, visions, signs that you can't explain. You could be getting signs from your spirit guides but don't know that its them or what they are. Witchcraft explains those experiences. 
  3. You possess Psychic abilities or one of The Clairs. Many people possess psychic abilities (I feel that everyone possess these abilities but some come more easily to others). The Clairs are different types of psychic abilities. People who have a lot of water in their birth chart are more likely to possess psychic abilities. The Clairs: 
    1. Clairaudient, you can hear things that are not within this world or dimension.
    2. Clairvoyance, you can see things not within this world. Either with your physical eyes or within your minds eye you have visual access to other planes.
    3. Clairsentient, when you can feel something intuitively. People often refer to this clair as a "gut feeling" but its stronger than that. You can feel when something is right for you, or if something is off in a situation. You pick up on energies very easily. 
    4. Claircognizant, when you just know something. A thought that pops into your head that is not your thought. You can't explain how you know something but you can't deny that you know it either. It's knowledge that comes from elsewhere but also inside you. 
  4. You can feel what others are feeling.
    1.  You may be an empath (being an empath is different than being clairsentient but thats an article for a different day). An empath is someone who literally feels what everyone else is feeling. This phenomenon is very common in witches and people are connected to the other side. An empath may cry when they see others crying, or when someone else gets embarrassed - even when others don't even know they're embarrassed - you can also get embarrassed. Even when you see people on tv crying or experiencing a strong emotion, you also feel that feeling. You pick up on energy easily. It's not just your emotional self that is sensitive its also your physical body, because of this you need a lot of alone time to recharge, and you like being alone. 
  5. You love staying up late and you don't even mean to.
    1.  Witches like nighttime. This kind of ties into the old witch legends about witches coming out at night and honestly its a little true. You love staying out late and are deeply obsessed with the moon. 
  6. You feel connected to nature on a different level. 
    1. You can feel nature. Your energy and natures energy communicate and you feel this. You were born with this feeling. You may be big on sustainability or big on saving the earth. It's not that you just like nature, it's that you NEED to be around it. You can feel the energy in the trees and plants and you know that they recharge you.
  7. You are a speaker of truth and justice.
    1.  You are always the one that participates in protests, boycotts, etc. You can feel when something is right and cannot stand for something that is wrong. You know that when something is unjust it is going against nature. You know this and you feel this because you are connected to the natural world. You know that it's your duty to stand up for whats right and you are often the more progressive one in your friend group or family.
  8. What you see is what you get and you're probably a weirdo. 
    1. You don't put on a mask when around people. Witches can be lonely because they don't try and fit in with everyone else. They know that they're different and don't mind standing out. They're not the type to have a lot of friends. When you are born in a world where you don't fit in, its because you were born to help create a new one. You know this, and are called to it. 
  9. You're an Old Soul. 
    1. As a kid you were wise beyond your years or you've had many people describe you as an old soul. The more evolved you are as a person through many lifetimes,  the more connected you get to the other side and it shows. 
  10. You have a strong presence about you. 
    1. When you walk in a room the energy changes. You get looks from other people. They can tell something is different about you. You know that you are different. Animals and babies may stare at you. You can feel this energy and tap into it. Witchcraft is all about energy. When you are going the right way in life you can feel that it is right and your energy flows freely. You are able to manifest easily. You understand how certain energy will effect your life. You can "read" energy and the energy around you gets stronger. 
There is an old saying "in her heart every woman is a witch". Women tend to be more inclined to witchcraft. It's easier for them to feel the other side. 

A witches power doesn't come from their tools, a witches power comes from within themselves. This is why self care is key in the practice of witchcraft. Witches can be selfish, they know their worth. This tends to grow with time. 

If you are meant to be a witch in this life, the universe will pretty much bug you until you start down the correct path. The ways she does this is different for everyone, but if you are meant to be a witch, the universe will get your attention. 

Stay tuned for a shit ton of more witchcraft posts coming up. Im super passionate about this and want to share it with the world. Next few witchy articles are gonna be about Crystals, The Law of Attraction, Spirit Guides, Angels, Music, etc. See you there 👋🏼

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