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⛓The Curious Case of Amanda Knox ⛓

 On November 1st, 2007, United Kingdom exchange student Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered by Rudy Guede. His guilt is absolutely certain but you've probably never heard of him. 

... but chances are you've probably heard the name Amanda Knox. She was accused of the murder, found guilty, and spent years in an Italian prison. Even though there was no physical evidence linking her to the crime. 

This is the Curious Case of Amanda Knox. 

(source: ABC news)

Amanda Knox was born July 9th, 1987 to Edda Mallis and Curt Knox in Seattle, Washington. When she was young her parents got divorced and her mom remarried a man named Chris. Amanda had 3 younger sisters and would describe herself as being "quirky" and "weird." 

She was very extraverted and nerdy. She was super into Harry Potter and really just marched to the beat of her own drum. When she was 15 her and her family took a trip to Italy, where she got to go to Rome, Pisa, and see the ruins of Pompeii. While on that trip she just really fell in love with the country and always knew that she wanted to go back and spend time there. So in 2007 when she was a sophomore in college she decided to do a study abroad in Perugia, Italy. 

She lived in a beautiful Italian flat and had 3 other roommates. Two of them were Italian men studying to be lawyers and the third was an english woman named Meredith Kercher. 


Pretty much as soon as Amanda got to Italy she got a job as a bartender at a club near her home. Her boss was a man named Patrick Lumumba and he said that Amanda was a good employee for him. 

Amanda and Meredith weren't very close. They were actually pretty much polar opposites in terms of personality. Meredith was more straight laced and Amanda was the free spirit type. In late October 2007 Amanda and Meredith decided to go to a classical music concert and there Amanda met Raffaele Sollecito. Raffaele and Amanda instantly clicked and started spending all of their time together. But they only had about a week of this honeymoon phase of their relationship. 

Raffaele Sollecito in 2007

The evening of November 1st, 2007, Amanda got a text from her boss, Patrick, saying she didn't have to come in that night. So her and Raffaele spent the evening together cooking dinner and watching movies. Amanda says she woke up the next day around 10am and walked back to her flat. When she got there she saw that the door was wide open but she wasn't too alarmed by this and went inside. It wasn't until she was in the bathroom and notice some blood that she got concerned and went back to Raffaeles and together they went and checked out her flat. They noticed that Meredith's door was locked and they knocked and called her but to no answer. 

Amanda started to get very concerned and Raffaele started to try and kick the door down. While that was happening two police officers happened to show up to the flat because they found a cell phone that belonged to Meredith. The police think that someone had thrown out of a car into someones back yard. Someone called the police about it and the cops were nice enough to bring it back to her. 

So it was kind of weird that they didn't call the police, the police kind of just showed up there. After they were there for a little while and figured out what was going on they called the military police. (Remember we're dealing with the Italian police so things are different over there.) So when the military police got there, they sealed off the house and went in. They busted down Meredith's door they found Meredith's body. She had been brutally murdered. 

While this was all happening Amanda is outside with Raffaele and they are videotaped kissing, and comforting each other. 


This got a lot of flack from the media for not looking they're grieving enough. The public really just saw this and viewed Amanda and Raffaele in a very negative light. Suspicion really started when there was a candle light vigil for Meredith and Amanda and Raffaele didn't even show up. Which, you have to admit is weird. Meredith and Amanda weren't close but they were friends and they lived together. Amanda was the one to even come across her body, so it's super weird that she didn't even go to the vigil out of respect. Instead, her and Raffaele were at a friends house having dinner. 

Two days after the murder, police brought Amanda back into the house to see if she could identify if one other their kitchen knives was missing. They were trying to identify a murder weapon. While Amanda was in there she is recorded as acting strangely. The lead investigator, Edgardo Giobbi, says that he had doubts about Amanda from the moment she walked with him through the crime scene. She put on protective booties, swiveled her hips and said, "ta-dah." 

During that walk-through, Amanda, says that it all just hit her and once that her roommate had been brutally murdered in their apartment and she kind of just started losing it. "She started hitting the palms of her hands on her ears. As if there was a the memory of a noise, a sound, a scream. Meredith's scream. Undoubtedly, I started to suspect Amanda."  

Edgardo Giobbi has been quoted saying,"we were able to establish guilt, by closely observing the suspect's psychological and behavioral reaction during the interrogation. We don't need to rely on other kinds of investigation." 


When Meredith's friends met up with Amanda and Raffaele at the police station her friends immediately ran up and hugged Amanda. Instead of hugging her back Amanda stiffened , holding her arms down by her sides and said nothing. Meredith's friend says that "there was no emotion on Amanda's face." When Raffaele walked up, the couple just stood there staring at each other. At the police station she sat with her feet on his lap, they caressed and kissed each other. Sometimes even laugh. Meredith's friends were all in tears or looked completely devastated. But Amanda and Raffaele would be kissing each other loudly. 

One of Meredith's friends Natalie said, "Let's hope she didn't suffer." Which Amanda replied, "What do you think? They cut her throat, Natalie. She fucking bled to death!" This really disturbed Natalie. 

This type of situation calls for a sympathetic response, Knox was loud and angry. This doesn't read like grief. But Amanda's only "crime" in this whole case, is not acting the way we think people are supposed to act after their roommate is murdered. 

Everyone's reaction to something horrible is different. Why can't someone be angry in response to a murder, rather than sad? The world didn't know who Amanda Knox really was. They saw her as cold and calculating rather than just a weird, sheltered girl from Seattle. The media really had no tolerance at all for her differentness. With strangers, we're intolerant of emotional responses that fall outside expectations. So in the media, Amanda was really starting to be painted as guilty. 


She was also reported to be stretching and doing cartwheels while waiting to be interviewed by police. But Amanda says that this was really blown out of proportion and that she was just stretching. 

The police in this case really treated her unfairly. If you're familiar with true crime you might know of the phenomena when people give false confessions. Theres a great documentary on Netflix called "The Confession Tapes," that really explains this phenomena well. But basically, the police can lie to you, abuse you, and use unethical tactics on you. There is a widely documented phenomena of people just losing their minds a little bit after being interrogated for hours and hours. They can be kept from using the bathroom or having a break at all. People are tricked and yelled at for hours. This happens all the time. The thing with police though, is that they're job is find someone who could be guilty, and it's up to the justice system to determine if they are or not. So they're not as worried about truth as much as people think they are. Their job is just to find someone, and its surprising easy to convince someone that they committed a crime. 

While Raffaele was being questioned he says that he started "losing his sense of reality" and changed his whole story. He said that Amanda hadn't gotten to his place until around 1am. Amanda says that she can't even really remember being interrogated that much because it was just so stressful and traumatic. Which is also a really common occurrence for people in high stress situations. (Keep in mind Amanda couldn't speak Italian so it adds another layer of confusion for her.) Amanda says that a police officer even hit her during the interrogation and said that "she better remember." Amanda was there for hours and at around 2 in the morning she said that she just kind of lost her mind, became delusional and changed her whole story. 

Amanda told police that Patrick did it, her boss. And she says that for some reason during the interrogation she thought that Patrick really did do it. He was arrested but it was proven that he had a air tight alibi and was released. 

So now things really didn't look good for Amanda. She was put in jail and the media really went wild with the whole case. Unfortunately the only pictures that the media had of Amanda and Raffaele, was one where Amanda was holding a machine gun while laughing, and Raffaele dressed as a mummy holding a giant knife. 


While in jail Amanda was treated very poorly by police. They told her that she had AIDS. Amanda was understandably really upset about this and wrote in her journal about how she had always wanted kids, how her whole life would be different now. She also wrote down a list of her sexual partners to see who could have given it to her and the police took her journal and the list and leaked it to the media. The media went wild with this and really slut shamed her. The gag of it all, was the she didn't even really have AIDs the police lied to her. After this the whole world starting calling her "Foxy Knoxy" and this was even used against her in the case. Prosecuters claimed that Amanda was into dangerous sex games and that the murder was a result of a sex and drugs. 

Could you imagine being in Amanda's shoes? She was in jail for a crime she didn't do, the police are abusing her, the media's coming after her. Her private sexual history was released to the world, she was across the world in a foreign country with a language she couldn't speak and she was only 20 at the time. 

Meanwhile there was no physical evidence linking her to the crime and no plausible explanation why Amanda - a sheltered, middle-class girl from Seattle - would be interested in engaging in murderous sex games. 

Meanwhile, Rudy Guede's DNA was matched to unknown male DNA found on Meredith's body. He already had a criminal history of breaking and entering and admitted to being at Meredith's house the night of the murder. He could only give the most implausible reasons for why the crime scene was covered in his DNA and after her body was discovered, he fled the country to Germany.  

Rudy's trial took place in early 2008 and was quickly found guilty, but the media gave almost no attention to this at all. There's a lot of people out there today who still don't know that this case was solved and that there is a person in prison serving time for it. 

Amanda's trail started in 2009 and was found guilty on the flimsiest of evidence and sentence to 26 years in prison. Amanda and her family were completely shocked by this. They truly thought that there was no way she could be found guilty and people in America were really angry about this. But in Italy, people were celebrating her sentence and even partied outside the courthouse. 

Her family unfortunately had to leave Italy without her and as soon as they got back they started working on an appeal. In 2010, Amanda's retrial started and because this case was so drawn out, there was a new judge and a new prosector. At this point, Amanda had been in jail for 3 years. Her defense was basically that there was already someone guilty of the crime - Rudy Guede, and that there was no physically evidence linking her to the crime. If she was going to do weird sex things with Meredith and then brutally murder her, there would have been a lot more evidence. 

On October 3rd of 2011 a new verdict was announced. 


She had been acquitted of the murder and could finally go home to Washington. 


When she got back she started to try and rebuild her life. She started taking classes at the University of Washington majoring in creative writing. 

However this time was rather hard for her. People recognized her but many people didn't know the full story so there was a lot of whispering and rumors going on. But she was doing her best to get on with her life. 

This didn't last too long though because on March 26th of 2013 the Italian court overturned her acquittal. They used the flimsiest, circumstantial evidence to claim that she was still guilty. They had found the smallest, tiniest piece of Amanda's DNA on a knife and the whole thing was honestly bullshit. It seems like they weren't really trying to get justice for Meredith, but try to prove them selves right. 

Amanda was horrified and refused to go back to Italy. She appealed this verdict and the court took place without her present. In January 2014, the Italian court found her guilty again. She appealed this again, and this time everything was on the line. This was the last appeal that Amanda could do, so whatever the verdict was, would stand. 


In March 2014, the Italian court overturned her conviction and Amanda could finally be done with the whole thing. The supreme court said that they acquitted them because there were so many flaws in the investigation and the fact that the media was so intense that it made people very bias. The police were under a lot of pressure to find someone that the investigation was rushed and messy. They said that there was just not enough evidence of them at the crime scene. 

So Amanda is officially a free woman! She graduated college in 2014 and has gone on to become an advocate for people who have wrongful convictions. She has her own show called The Scarlet Letter, she wrote a book Waiting to be Heard and is really passionate about holding journalism accountable. 

Amanda pictured in 2020 with her husband. 

Italy really did Amanda dirty and it's truly sad that people don't know her full story but we do have to remember who lost their life in this situation. 


Meredith was sadly murdered in her youth and her family had to deal with her case being drawn out for years with Meredith not even being the main focus. Meredith was calm, sweet and shy. She was studying European politics to make a difference in the world. While Amanda's story was unfair and horrendous, it's important to remember who actually lost their life.  

May Meredith's memory be a blessing. 


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✌๐ŸผUpdate ๐Ÿš + Future Article Topics ๐Ÿ‘ป

 Howdy everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

Just so there's a bit more transparency on what can be expected from this blog I wanna do a quick little update. 

The plan for this blog is to do 1-2 big comprehensive posts a month. 

Back in the day (like April and May) I was just pumping out articles like I gave a fuck, but looking back at a lot of them. They're kind of total crap and were super rushed. 

I don't wanna create crappy, rushed bullshit. I do genuinely have a huge interest in all things metaphysical, weird, and occult. All that shit, and I wanna do a good job of writing about it. 

I have a lot of cool ideas and things to explore, its just the thing with that is, it takes time to put out quality comprehensive articles obviously. 

PLUS I was gone for a couple months cuz I just decided to fuck off into the mountains and it's been weird getting back into the swing of things. 

It's also not lockdown anymore and I have a job again so my free time to write this stuff is a bit restricted. 

BUT let it be known that really good shit is coming and its gonna be actually quality stuff and not just rushed bullshit. 

Here's a quick look into some future articles. 
  1. The Case of Amanda Knox
  2. The Christian Andracchio case 
  3. 9/11 was an inside job 
  4. The OJ Simpson Murder 
  5. Ed Gein  
  6. The Warren Files 
  7. RH- blood 
  8. Mythical creatures 
  9. Biorhythms 
  10. Book of Enoch 
  11. Emerald Tablets 
  12. Quantum Etanglement 
  13. Bilocation/astral projection 
  14. Mayans, Inca, Aztecs 
  15. 7 Hermetic laws 
  16. Organ Donor Stories 
  17. 111hz does sound heal? 
  18. The Vatican
  19. The Akashic Records
  20. The Annunaki
  21. Adrenochrome
  22. Do Plants Have Thoughts?
  23. John Titor
  24. Life on Mars
  25. Tesla was an Alien from Venus
  26. Shakespear Conspiracies
  27. Star Seeds
  28. Dr. Mengele's Twin Experiments
  29. Unexplained Medical Mysteries
  30. Time Isn't Real
There's actually a lot more where that came from but I didn't wanna put a list of like 100 things so here's just 30 :) 

I also have another blog called My Morning Playlist  thats a travel/lifestyle blog that's a lot more low-key and a casual read that y'all can read too js ๐Ÿ˜

Thanks for reading yall and get ready for some dope ass quality articles ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜˜

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

✨7 Ways to Manifest Anything and Everything ✨

What is Manifesting?

Essentially manifesting is attracting anything you desire to you. Through thoughts, belief and actions.  What you think you become, and your thoughts truly to create your reality. The most important aspect of manifesting is that you truly believe that whatever you are trying to attract to you is actually possible. Once you remove those blocks in your mind that hold you back from achieving and attracting the dream life you've always wanted. You can manifest anything into your life. 

(Source: Canva)

Manifestation isn't really all about just getting things that you want. 

Its about becoming the version of yourself that will attract it to you. 

There are many ways to manifest and Im only gonna touch on a few that I believe work the best for me but I encourage you all to look more into this and really figure out what works best for you. What works for some people may not work for others. Pinterest is a good resource for short form manifestation tips and there are countless youtube videos on this topic. Also WitchTok - the Witchcraft side of TikTok is honestly a great place to learn all kinds of Witchy tips. With the internet at your disposal, finding any information you want is up to you!


A few WitchTokkers I like:

  1. astral.angel.ashley    
  2. unicoleunicron
  3. witchsandwich
  4. arielwillow7 (my personal favorite) 
There are SO SO many more great WitchTokkers out there, once the algorithm picks up what you're into you'll be suggested so many good ones trust me. 

A few good Pinterest Boards: 
A couple of good youtube channels: 
  1. Hearthfire Fox 
  2. Keelin Moncreiff - This is one isn't just witchcraft youtuber but she makes some good witchy content in a fun way

(Source: Alexis Rakun Insta

 So here are ✨7 Ways to Manifest Anything and Everything ✨

  1. The Full Moon Written Paper Method
    • Determine what you want to manifest
    • Be very clear on want you want to manifest 
    • Remove all distractions and devote yourself with total concentration - you will accomplish a lot in a short period of time
    • Write down on a piece of paper what you would like to manifest BUT write it like you already have it (i.e. I am thankful for...) This works best during a full moon. 
    • Write the date at the top of the piece of paper and sign at the bottom when you are done writing all that you would like to manifest
    • Meditate and light a white candle - Go through your list and express how thankful you are to the universe for everything (act like you already have it, - thank you so much for ...) Truly feel grateful for it. This is a key step. 
    • When you are done going through the list and feel strongly connected, burn the paper in the candle. 
    • Continue to feel grateful and thankful to the universe.
    • This is how I manifested paying off all my $45,000 worth of student loans ๐Ÿ’–
    • NOTE: It may take months for something you want to manifest. Trust in divine timing and that everything will happen when its the right time. If you continue to believe and always express your gratitude you will manifest all your desires. 
  2. The Glass of Water Method
    • Wake up in the morning giving/saying how thankful you are to the universe for what you have (or what you would like to have but act like you already have it) don't make this one super long, just one or two things you would really like to manifest
    • Write it down and tape it onto a glass of water while meditating with intention. 
    • Drink the water with strong intentions and gratitude of what you desire. 
    • You can accomplish a lot in a short period of time. 
  3. Journaling and Affirmations 
    • What has always worked best for me is writing down exactly what I would like to manifest. On countless occasions I have come across an old notebook or journal where I had written what I would like to manifest and realized that it has all come true. 
    • Write a journal entry as if you already have everything that you would like to manifest. Like a day in your perfect life. Keep doing this until it becomes your reality. 
    • Your thoughts create your reality so a good way to manifest is by writing down and affirming out loud everything you wish to have and things that you already have. (i.e. I am financially abundant. I am loved. I am strong. etc.) This is a very powerful manifestation technique. 
  4. Create a Vision Board
    • This ones pretty self explanatory, just make a vision board!
    • Your vision board is a visual representation of your goals and desires. 
    • Grab some old magazines, some glue and some paper and put on there anything you would like to have or how you would like your life to look.
    • Put it up somewhere where you will see it everyday. 
  5. Visualize 
    • Visualize exactly what you would like to have or how you would like your life to look
    • Some people recommend doing this right before you fall asleep but I feel like its really whatever you're feeling
    • When you visualize be very specific and try to be as clear as possible. Don't forgot to include yourself in this vision! 
  6. A Manifestation Box
    • Use an old box or container and paint it/decorate it to your desires
    • Place in the box anything you would like to attract and do so with strong intention and gratitude. 
    • Give thanks and affirm your wishes - either mentally or verbally out loud whatever you feel would be best for you
  7. The Full Moon
    • The full moon is the best time to try and manifest anything. Make sure to thank the moon and talk to her as an old friend (and the stars, they are listening) 
    • Probably one the least labor intensive ways to manifest is talking to/asking the moon for al that you desire during a full moon. The moon and the universe loves you and wants to give you everything you desire. Talk to them. 

(Source: Lemon Duck on Pinterest)

You are a child of the universe! You are special and Divine and deserve to live a beautiful and wonderful life! A witches power comes from within themselves thats why it's so important to practice self love and self care. Take care of yourself. 

Also please feel free to change these up or add your own little twist on any of these manifestation techniques. It's really whatever works for you. I have manifested my student loans being paid off, a new Lexus and the perfect job using these techniques. Lemme know what works for you :) 


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✨Roadtrip✨ Glacier National Park ๐ŸŒฒand Going To The Sun Road ☀️


Saturday, October 17, 2020

๐ŸŒฒWho are Parkies? ๐ŸŒฒ

  Hi my name is Katie and I live and work in National Parks. 

As you can imagine, when you live and work with the same group of people in the middle of the woods cut off from civilization for several months. Shit goes down. 

... and you learn a lot about your fellow Parkies. 

Thats the unofficial word for people like us. People who live and work in National Parks. We're roamers, dreamers, adventurers... 

When I sit and think about it, we're kind of hard to classify. A bunch of high-key weirdos and low-key outcasts might be a good way to put it. Or maybe it would be better the other way around. I dunno. See what I mean? Hard to classify. 

 We're all a  little lonely and just out there in the middle of nowhere trying to figure it all out. The good part is, we're all doing it together. And the bonds you make with these people? Unlike any other. Its like being in a platonic rom-com. You hopelessly fall in love with so so many people. (Platonically, - but also in some cases romantically but don't hold your breath for that just sayin). 

And the STORIES these people tell? Oh. My. God. I have heard the craziest shit man let me tell ya. I've also done the craziest shit with these people and thats what this series is gonna be about. 

I just have so many crazy, wild, insane stories that MUST be shared with the world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while making them. 

Lets start off with the one and only time I saw a bear while in Glacier. 

Me and my buddy were planning to hike highline that day because it was finally open. It had been closed for a while because of too many bear sightings. Fun fact, a lot of the people who come to the park bring their dogs on the trails even though they are clearly marked (many times) that dogs are not allowed. Why? Because bears freakin love to attack doggos and they get super aggressive with them. So when a bunch of assholes bring their dogs on the trails guess what? A ton of bears show up and NPS (National Park Service) shuts it down so now nobody can hike it. Don't be an asshole please and don't bring your dogs on the trails Jesus. 

Anyway, that was a fun anecdote.  

So me and my buddy were on Going-To-The-Sun-Road near avalanche when all of a sudden a little yearling black bear comes sprinting out of the woods and goes directly in front of the car in front of us. 

The little thing was sprinting SO fast we didn't even see her until she was already in the middle of the road. The lady in front of us honestly probably didn't even see her either until she was directly in front of her car and they tried to stop but it was to late and the little yearly just got nailed right in the back thigh and went flying head over heels into the ditch. She did a couple flips and landed on her back with her hands up in the air. She honestly had a very human-looking surprised look on her face and it was kind of funny even considering the circumstances. But she didn't waste any time and she just go right up and sprinted off up the mountain seemingly unharmed. 

and that was the one and only time I saw a bear while in Glacier.

I got many more (better and longer) stories where that came from but I thought I should start with something short and build up into the longer ones. Anyway I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more and be sure to follow me on my socials so you know when a new post goes up. 

Thank yee so much for reading ๐Ÿ’– 

I love you. 

- Katie 

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

๐Ÿ˜Š Im Back ๐Ÿ˜Š

 Hello everyone Im back! 

I just spend the past 2 months getting lost in Glacier National Park and genuinely had the time of my fucking life. However, I almost never had internet or any kind of connection to the outside world at all which is why y'all have not gotten good posts lately. BUT that is all about to change. I have BIG things coming up so stay tuned. 

Coming back into civilization is super weird so plz allow me some time to get back into the swing of things. I will be writing about and answering all of your Parkie life questions soon. ๐Ÿ˜˜

~ love Katie ๐Ÿ’–

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

๐Ÿ’› Some Mindset Thoughts ๐Ÿ’›

Howdy y'all.

Small life update I got a seasonal job working in a national park and having any kind of internet is almost impossible.

So future blog posts are on a hiatus for the time being. (Sorry not sorry I'm having the time of my life let me live lol)

Anyway while I've been here I've had some thoughts about things.

Lately, it seems to me that a lot of people view the world and their life in a very negative way and honestly it just kind of bothers me.

Im super over this, "life is trash, I wanna die" type of humor. When y'all speak like that you're literally manifesting that into your life and creating that to be your reality. If you wanna see the world for how beautiful it really is, if you wanna live abundantly and happily you need to teach yourself to believe that you already have all of that. Because you already do.

Be thankful. Look around you. Don't miss what you have today.



People you love.

If you focus on the bad and what you don't have, that's all you're gonna see. But if you focus on the happy things and the things you already have than that's what you're gonna see.

The world isn't this big mean and nasty place. 
That nasty place is inside your head.
 I suggest you try and make it a good place to be.

(SPOILER) its actually pretty nice.


Monday, August 3, 2020

๐Ÿ‘ฝ Aliens Are Real ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

Life exists elsewhere in the universe. Just a statement of fact. 


When we think of Aliens people typically think of creatures that look like this. 

(Photo Credit:

In reality alien life is extremely likely. NASA's Kepler probe has found 54 planets in the constellation Cygnus that can support life (Burreby, 2017). And that's just one constellation among trillions. The universe is endless, there’s an incomprehensible amount of planets that can support life. It doesn’t make any logical sense that we would be the only living things in the universe. 

(Photo Credit:

The greatest minds of our time say not believing in aliens is ludicrous. Stephen Hawking (RIP)  who is arguably the greatest mind of our time believed that aliens populate the universe. He even took it step further and said that he believes that there are space wars being fought right now between various alien populations. 

Aliens are so likely that almost all scientists believe in them. As soon as life was possible on Earth, it began. Why wouldn’t that happen on the countless other planets similar to ours? It overwhelmingly, probably already has. 

(Photo Credit:

Neil Degrasse Tyson, when asked whether humanity is alone said this, “ You can’t think we’re alone once you study how common our ingredients of life are in the universe. The atoms of our body, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon. There the three most common commonly active ingredients. We are not based on special stuff. We are based on carbon, an extremely sticky element that makes molecules all across the periodic table. So if there was any kind of biology upon which you would base on an element, it would be carbon. And we are such an example of that life. Not only that, life got started almost as fast as it possibly could have in the early earth. After earth cooled down from meteor impacts that made us. Once it cooled down, complex molecules formed within a hundred million years, life appeared. So you combine these facts and look at the expanse of the 14 billion year age of the universe with a hundred billion stars in our galaxy and a hundred billion galaxies to suggest we are the only life in the universe that would be inexcusably egocentric.”


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

๐ŸŒ™ What is a Moon Sign? ๐ŸŒ™

Hi, Hello how ya doing ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

In my Sun Series I went through some astrology basics and "What is a Sun Sign?" at the top of every sun series article and I've decided that I'm not gonna do that for the moon series because its just repetitive and boring. 

So for future reference when you're reading my Moon Series and don't really remember what a moon sign is you can just come here for a refresher. The Moon Series posts are just gonna be what the traits of the signs in the moon position and not an explanation of what a moon sign is, got it? okay yay :) 

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Astrology is extremely complex and you are several signs not just your sun sign. Your sun sign is the sign that the sun was in when you were born. The moon sign is a little different in that its where the moon was in the sky during your birth and it changes every few days. 

The moon rules your emotional self. It's your emotional instincts and habits. If your moon is in Aries you probably get angry easily and if your moon is in Pisces you may get your feelings hurt a little too easily. The moon sign is where you find yourself comfortable. If you have a Libra moon you may have gotten married young, if you're a Leo moon you may find that you like to stay single. This obviously has a lot to do with what's in the rest of your chart - like I said astrology is super complex, but you may relate to some of these traits if your moon sign is in these signs. 

The moon also rules your subconscious and inner self. The you that you don't show the world. The part of you that's hidden just like the moon is always partially hidden. It's key in understanding your relationships. 

The moon explains your inner emotional needs and childhood trauma. It represents The Mother and can tell you about your relationship with yours. 

If your moon is in an air sign you may find it hard to figure out exactly what you're feeling and you don't tend to get attached easily. If your moon is in a water sign, you may be a little needy in relationships, or extremely sensitive. A moon sign in an earth position may mean that you are looking for permanence and something you can build from. A fire sign in the moon position could mean that you move quickly in relationships, and are spontaneous. Moving from one extreme to another. 

I feel like understanding what a moon sign might make more sense when you read about the signs in the moon position so if you're confused thats okay, I'll have more articles up soon :) 

Im really looking forward to diving into the Moon signs!! I feel like you can't really understand or know a person until you know their moon sign. 

 So just like with my Sun Series I'm going to be going through the zodiac wheel starting with Aries. I'm planning on getting that up within the next couple days so stay tuned and thanks for reading ๐Ÿ’›

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

✈️ Small Announcement! ✈️

Hi everyone I have a small announcement. 

I have another blog! 

Whereas this blog is dedicated to true crime, conspiracies, witchcraft, etc. I wanted a place that's more fitting for my adventures, stories, thoughts, etc. Something more casual that doesn't really fit into the style of this blog. Something that's just me :) 

without further ado I give you My Morning Playlist

That was supposed to be a gif but idk if it'll work lol. 

Anyway, My Morning Playlist  is gonna be a super casual place for me tell my travel stories, life things, and just overall whatever I feel like. For now I think its gonna be a Travel/Lifestyle blog but i dunno we'll see what happens lol. 

I think Im gonna tell a few of my favorite travel stories like the time I almost got arrested in Estonia or how the first night I ever spent in New York City I got into a super exclusive erotic burlesque club lol

Thank you for reading! And plz head over there to check it out if you feel like it, thank ๐Ÿ˜˜

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

๐Ÿ”ฎ 10 Signs You're a Witch ๐Ÿ”ฎ

Hello everyone my name is Katie and I'm a witch.

Witchcraft has been super demonized in the media for that last like several hundred years. Witches don't fly around on broom sticks or eat little kids. True witchcraft focuses on the energy within you and in everything in the world. There are several different types of witches but they all tend to have the same core beliefs and focus. At the core of their beliefs is self-care, connection to the divine, manifestation, among several other things.

I think people can choose to become witches but another important aspect is The Call. Are you being called to it? Is their something fundamentally luring you down that long crooked path like a carrot on a string in order to get your attention? 

Witchcraft, mage-craft, shamanism and etc... aren't for the light of heart. It can be some pretty heavy, scary life changing shit. Is the universe beckoning you through dreams, through strange experiences, by constantly reminding you you are not like everyone else? 

This can be shown to you through many paths. Some people, from a young age have strong connections and attachments to animals. "Just knowing" that there is something different and special about you. 

Seeing repeating number patterns, experiencing paranormal phenomena, feeling energy differences. It can be scary to start experiencing these for the first time. It's easy to ignore "the call" because its scary and unfamiliar territory. I think that having these psychic/unexplainable experiences are an important step into stepping into your path as a witch. It shows you that there is more that lies beyond the mundane. 

 When you start to open up that side of yourself, spirits and energy from other dimensions are going to come to because they are attracted to your light/energy. They see your energy and are curious. Some spirits will come to try and trick you, to siphon your energy, or to manipulate you. Its important that you learn how to protect yourself.  

When you become a witch you will start to develop relationships with non-humans, gods, goddesses, deities. You will become open to vibrations and shifts in frequencies. You will start to see parts of the world you were unable to before. You will find that there is so much more to the world than meets the eye. 

Once you choose to answer the call. You become open to so much more in life, and the power within you. 

Signs you may be a Witch. 

  1. You find yourself being drawn to articles just like this.
    1.  When you are being called to witchcraft you find yourself being drawn to all that witchy stuff. Crystals, candles, the occult. You find yourself stumbling down little rabbit wholes that leads you to witchcraft. The universe is trying to show you that this is your path. Finding yourself being interested in witchcraft when you've never been exposed to it before is a first step. Many witches are born knowing that there is unexplainable energy in this world. Many start out extremely religious only to find it doesn't really fulfill them, or match their beliefs. It is only when they discover witchcraft that they truly feel at east. It just feels right to you.  
  2. You've experienced things in your life that you just can't explain. 
    1. You may "just know" things about other people without being able to possibly know them. You may be thinking about someone and then they call you right as you're thinking about them. You pick up on synchronicities in your environment. You pick up that you are being shown signs. You have feelings, visions, signs that you can't explain. You could be getting signs from your spirit guides but don't know that its them or what they are. Witchcraft explains those experiences. 
  3. You possess Psychic abilities or one of The Clairs. Many people possess psychic abilities (I feel that everyone possess these abilities but some come more easily to others). The Clairs are different types of psychic abilities. People who have a lot of water in their birth chart are more likely to possess psychic abilities. The Clairs: 
    1. Clairaudient, you can hear things that are not within this world or dimension.
    2. Clairvoyance, you can see things not within this world. Either with your physical eyes or within your minds eye you have visual access to other planes.
    3. Clairsentient, when you can feel something intuitively. People often refer to this clair as a "gut feeling" but its stronger than that. You can feel when something is right for you, or if something is off in a situation. You pick up on energies very easily. 
    4. Claircognizant, when you just know something. A thought that pops into your head that is not your thought. You can't explain how you know something but you can't deny that you know it either. It's knowledge that comes from elsewhere but also inside you. 
  4. You can feel what others are feeling.
    1.  You may be an empath (being an empath is different than being clairsentient but thats an article for a different day). An empath is someone who literally feels what everyone else is feeling. This phenomenon is very common in witches and people are connected to the other side. An empath may cry when they see others crying, or when someone else gets embarrassed - even when others don't even know they're embarrassed - you can also get embarrassed. Even when you see people on tv crying or experiencing a strong emotion, you also feel that feeling. You pick up on energy easily. It's not just your emotional self that is sensitive its also your physical body, because of this you need a lot of alone time to recharge, and you like being alone. 
  5. You love staying up late and you don't even mean to.
    1.  Witches like nighttime. This kind of ties into the old witch legends about witches coming out at night and honestly its a little true. You love staying out late and are deeply obsessed with the moon. 
  6. You feel connected to nature on a different level. 
    1. You can feel nature. Your energy and natures energy communicate and you feel this. You were born with this feeling. You may be big on sustainability or big on saving the earth. It's not that you just like nature, it's that you NEED to be around it. You can feel the energy in the trees and plants and you know that they recharge you.
  7. You are a speaker of truth and justice.
    1.  You are always the one that participates in protests, boycotts, etc. You can feel when something is right and cannot stand for something that is wrong. You know that when something is unjust it is going against nature. You know this and you feel this because you are connected to the natural world. You know that it's your duty to stand up for whats right and you are often the more progressive one in your friend group or family.
  8. What you see is what you get and you're probably a weirdo. 
    1. You don't put on a mask when around people. Witches can be lonely because they don't try and fit in with everyone else. They know that they're different and don't mind standing out. They're not the type to have a lot of friends. When you are born in a world where you don't fit in, its because you were born to help create a new one. You know this, and are called to it. 
  9. You're an Old Soul. 
    1. As a kid you were wise beyond your years or you've had many people describe you as an old soul. The more evolved you are as a person through many lifetimes,  the more connected you get to the other side and it shows. 
  10. You have a strong presence about you. 
    1. When you walk in a room the energy changes. You get looks from other people. They can tell something is different about you. You know that you are different. Animals and babies may stare at you. You can feel this energy and tap into it. Witchcraft is all about energy. When you are going the right way in life you can feel that it is right and your energy flows freely. You are able to manifest easily. You understand how certain energy will effect your life. You can "read" energy and the energy around you gets stronger. 
There is an old saying "in her heart every woman is a witch". Women tend to be more inclined to witchcraft. It's easier for them to feel the other side. 

A witches power doesn't come from their tools, a witches power comes from within themselves. This is why self care is key in the practice of witchcraft. Witches can be selfish, they know their worth. This tends to grow with time. 

If you are meant to be a witch in this life, the universe will pretty much bug you until you start down the correct path. The ways she does this is different for everyone, but if you are meant to be a witch, the universe will get your attention. 

Stay tuned for a shit ton of more witchcraft posts coming up. Im super passionate about this and want to share it with the world. Next few witchy articles are gonna be about Crystals, The Law of Attraction, Spirit Guides, Angels, Music, etc. See you there ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

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