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Thursday, August 20, 2020

💛 Some Mindset Thoughts 💛

Howdy y'all.

Small life update I got a seasonal job working in a national park and having any kind of internet is almost impossible.

So future blog posts are on a hiatus for the time being. (Sorry not sorry I'm having the time of my life let me live lol)

Anyway while I've been here I've had some thoughts about things.

Lately, it seems to me that a lot of people view the world and their life in a very negative way and honestly it just kind of bothers me.

Im super over this, "life is trash, I wanna die" type of humor. When y'all speak like that you're literally manifesting that into your life and creating that to be your reality. If you wanna see the world for how beautiful it really is, if you wanna live abundantly and happily you need to teach yourself to believe that you already have all of that. Because you already do.

Be thankful. Look around you. Don't miss what you have today.



People you love.

If you focus on the bad and what you don't have, that's all you're gonna see. But if you focus on the happy things and the things you already have than that's what you're gonna see.

The world isn't this big mean and nasty place. 
That nasty place is inside your head.
 I suggest you try and make it a good place to be.

(SPOILER) its actually pretty nice.


Monday, August 3, 2020

👽 Aliens Are Real 👽

Life exists elsewhere in the universe. Just a statement of fact. 


When we think of Aliens people typically think of creatures that look like this. 

(Photo Credit: Inquisitr.com)

In reality alien life is extremely likely. NASA's Kepler probe has found 54 planets in the constellation Cygnus that can support life (Burreby, 2017). And that's just one constellation among trillions. The universe is endless, there’s an incomprehensible amount of planets that can support life. It doesn’t make any logical sense that we would be the only living things in the universe. 

(Photo Credit: apod.nasa.gov)

The greatest minds of our time say not believing in aliens is ludicrous. Stephen Hawking (RIP)  who is arguably the greatest mind of our time believed that aliens populate the universe. He even took it step further and said that he believes that there are space wars being fought right now between various alien populations. 

Aliens are so likely that almost all scientists believe in them. As soon as life was possible on Earth, it began. Why wouldn’t that happen on the countless other planets similar to ours? It overwhelmingly, probably already has. 

(Photo Credit: Forbes.com)

Neil Degrasse Tyson, when asked whether humanity is alone said this, “ You can’t think we’re alone once you study how common our ingredients of life are in the universe. The atoms of our body, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon. There the three most common commonly active ingredients. We are not based on special stuff. We are based on carbon, an extremely sticky element that makes molecules all across the periodic table. So if there was any kind of biology upon which you would base on an element, it would be carbon. And we are such an example of that life. Not only that, life got started almost as fast as it possibly could have in the early earth. After earth cooled down from meteor impacts that made us. Once it cooled down, complex molecules formed within a hundred million years, life appeared. So you combine these facts and look at the expanse of the 14 billion year age of the universe with a hundred billion stars in our galaxy and a hundred billion galaxies to suggest we are the only life in the universe that would be inexcusably egocentric.”

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