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๐Ÿ“ฝMarilyn Monroe Conspiracies ๐Ÿ“ฝ

Disclaimer: Writing about these conspiracy theories is for entertainment and I'm not saying that any of these things are facts. I'm not trying to spread misinformation or anything like that. I’m also not trying to be disrespectful in any way. Posting this article doesn’t mean I believe in these either, this is just some fun conspiracies about Marilyn Monroe that I've come across after spending years with hyper conspiracy theorists. More posts are to come about different conspiracies in the future! So stay tuned. 

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Marilyn Monroe had a very chaotic life start to finish. Her father left before she was born and her mother struggled with depression and various mental illnesses. Her mom abused alcohol and other drugs and was abusive to Marilyn as well. Marilyn has been quoted many times that her first memories are of her mother trying to kill her. When she was still a child her mother was placed in a mental institute and Marilyn was put into foster care.

Marilyn married James (Jim) Dougherty in 1942. He served in WW2 and left Marilyn at home. During this time she went and got a job in a factory which was typical of military wives at the time. While working in the factory a photographer came to take pictures of the women working and that's how she got discovered as a model.

As a model she was known as a natural beauty, and would show her stomach rolls. She was a size 8 which is a lot bigger than typical models. Many people liked her and identified with her for her natural beauty. However she eventually succumbed to pressure to get cosmetic surgery. She got her nose done, chin done, and probably a lot of other things done. At the time it was shameful to get plastic surgery and it was not talked about. She had to get it done in secret.

Life wasn’t any easier for her as a celebrity. Paparazzi was very tough for her. She often talked about how much she hated them. She was on anxiety, depression, and insomnia medication. She was very stressed out about the paparazzi and the pressures of being a celebrity.

She had several affairs and thus got divorced from her first husband Jim in 1946. She was known to have had many affairs and many different partners. She is rumoured to have had affairs with both Kennedy brothers, John and Robert. (There’s no way to confirm this obviously but it is widely speculated). In 1954 she got remarried to a man named Joe DiMaggio. Although during this time it’s reported that both her and DiMaggio were having many affairs. The marriage was short lived and ended one year later in 1955.

She then married Arthur Miller in 1956, and also during this marriage she was known to have many many affairs including her ex-husband Joe DiMaggio. That marriage ended in 1961, one year before her death.

Marilyn is reported to have died very early in the morning of August 5th, 1962. She might have possibly died the night of August 4th, but she is officially recorded dying on August 5th.

About 7pm the night of August 4th, Joe DiMaggio allegedly called Marilyn to discuss the official end of their relationship. They had still been seeing each other on and off for a long time and most people speculate that this is what they were talking about. Joe says that Marilyn was fairly cheery after this discussion. Between 7:30 and 7:45pm Peter Lawford (who was also connected to the Kennedys) calls to invite Marilyn to a party but she says no. Peter says that she had slurred speech and just seemed off. He began to get a little concerned and contacted her housekeeper Eunice Murray to check on her.

At around 10pm Eunice walks by Marilyn's room and says that the door was closed but she could see that the light was on from under the door. She says that she didn’t hear any noises or anything so she decided it was best not to disturb her. At around midnight she notices that the light is still on in Marilyn's room but she still doesn't hear anything so she knocks a couple of times and realizes that the door was locked.

Instead of calling 911 she calls Marilyn's Psychiatrist, Dr. Greenson and asks him to come over. From what I understand he was kind of on call for Marilyn. He was a celebrity Psychiatrist and was able to prescribe medications for her. There has been a lot of speculation as to why the housekeeper didn’t just call 911 but a lot of celebrities have strict instructions for their staff because they’re worried about the press. It’s possible that something like that was going on.

Dr. Greenson went to Marilyn's house and wasn’t able to get through the locked door so he went outside to her window. He says that he could see her laying face down in her bed and that he broke the window to get in. There has been a lot of speculation about the window. A lot of people say that because of the way the window was built, the glass had to have been broken from the inside and that the scene is staged. Marilyn could have died as early as 9pm August 4th or early in the morning August 5th.

Here is where it gets really sketchy.

Peter Lawford (the guy who invited her to the party earlier) called her at about 1am and was informed that she had died. But the police didn’t arrive on the scene until 4:30am. It was rumored that there had been multiple ambulances at her house during the night but that they had all been turned away. The overall timing of that night is very sketchy.

Later the day of August 5th, her body was brought to the morgue and the two men who carried her body say that the whole thing was extremely weird. They said that the body looked fake and the neck looked incredibly swollen.

The first police officer that arrived on the scene also says that the scene was super weird. He’s been quoted saying he thought it was staged, and looked way too neat. Her barbiturate pills (sleeping pills) were sitting perfectly on her night stand and that there was no water or any type of drink in the room for her to take the pills with. One could argue that she may not have needed water or anything to swallow the pills but the issue is that she had to have taken so many pills that that seems really unlikely.

At the morgue they discovered that there was no trace of the pills in her bloodstream or her stomach whatsoever. They were able to find traces of the pills in her liver so people speculate that she might have taken the pills rectally.

Here's where the conspiracies come in

  • A popular conspiracy theory is that Marilyn was knocked out with chloroform and was administered the drugs rectally while she was unconscious to kill her. 

  • Marilyn had many connections, and possibly an affair with the president. Some conspiracy theorists believe that through her affairs with the Kennedy brothers she found out something she shouldn’t have known and it made her a threat to the government. It's possible that the government was worried about Marilyn outing the president for his affair or about some other secrets that JFK told her. Some people think that JFK had told Marilyn about aliens, and even a UFO crash site. The government might’ve been worried about her exposing the US’s collaboration with the extraterrestrials. People believe it could’ve been the government, the CIA, or even the Kennedy brothers that executed this murder or had forced Marilyn to kill herself. 

  • Some people think that the housekeeper and the psychiatrist were paid off to execute this because of their strange behavior the night of her death and the sketchiness of the timeline. 

  • There’s people who believe that this was carried out by the CIA or the FBI because of the whole Bay of Pigs incident and this was their way of getting back at the Kennedys or a way to send them a message. 

  • Other people believe that this may have been carried out by the mafia. Robert Kennedy was known for really starting shit with the mafia and the main focus of his political career was cracking down on organized crime. There are so many mafia ties when it comes to the Kennedy family it's insane. Some people think that the mafia killed Marilyn to get back at them as well. Or maybe Marilyn knew too much about the mafia. 

  • After her death Marilyn's house was gutted and it was discovered that her entire house was wiretapped and that she was being listened to. Marilyn's stylist says that the night before her death she was spending time with a man named, Sam Giancana who was a well known high up mobster. 

  • There is also speculation that Marilyn staged this herself as a fake suicide attempt. Some people either think that she did this for more fame and or that she faked this just so she could start a new life. A lot of people think that Marilyn was so tired of all the fame, paparazzi, stress, and pressure to be this amazing sex symbol that she just wanted to live out the rest of her life in peace.

  • An idea that goes along with this is that John Kennedy wanted to be with Marilyn but couldn’t because of their celebrity/political statuses so they staged their own deaths to be together. Some people believe that it was Robert Kennedy and Marilyn who wanted to be together and staged their deaths. 

  • Another theory is that because Marilyn knew too much about the Kennedy’s, they agreed to help her fake her own death and put her into the witness protection program. 

  • In 2009, 26 different people on the same beach reported that they all saw Marilyn Monroe just walking along the beach. One woman even says that she ran up to her yelling, “Marilyn! Marilyn!” and she turned and that she knew it was her even though she was older but that she had the same iconic smile. According to the woman, Marilyn was whisked away by a man in a long coat and disappeared. 

In the End…

The coroners official report was that it was suicide. Marilyn had a difficult life from the start. She was extremely depressed all her life and had struggled with abuse, alcohol, and the pressures of fame. She really wanted to be a mother and had had a couple of miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. She didn’t really have any family. Her mom wasn’t in the picture, and from what I know she never met her dad and he was never really involved in her life. She had stated many times that she was nervous about ending up just like her mom in a mental institution.

She had tried to kill herself at least 4 other times and had been known for self harm and use harmful language towards herself. She had been hospitalized for depression previously.

People who knew her have said that they wouldn’t have put it past her to kill herself to make Joe DiMaggio feel guilty for ending things with her.

After Marilyn's death Joe claimed her body and arranged her funeral. He only got her body out of the hospital by threatening to “tear it down brick by brick.” He absolutely forbade “those goddamn Kennedys” from her funeral. He blamed them for her death. He never remarried and would have half a dozen red roses sent to her grave 3 times a week for 20 years. His dying words were, “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.”

In the end we may never know what really happened to Marilyn Monroe but it’s really interesting to speculate. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ’›Katie

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