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♎️ Sun Series: Libra ♎️

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Per usual a lot of the information on this first page is going to be pretty similar to what I put on my other sun series articles. (What is a sun sign, more about the series, etc.) So if you wanna skip ahead to the Libra part go ahead.

Every Thursday I do an article about something Astrology related. I’m starting with going through the sun signs, then the moon signs, then the rising signs, and proceeding from there through the planets and houses. I know that a lot of people don’t believe in astrology and that’s fine, these articles aren’t gonna be about convincing you. (Although I probably will try sometime in the future). I just find astrology fascinating and informative. I’ve also discovered a huge community of like-minded individuals who have the same beliefs about it as I do and this is my blog and I can do what I want here.

So let's get into some astrology shall we?

First, if you’ve never heard of a sun sign here’s the basics. Each astrology sign holds unique properties which influence our lives in different ways. Although people often refer to each of these signs as ‘their sign’, the correct term is ‘sun sign’ which means the position of the sun in the Zodiac the moment you were born.

Overall Astrology is extremely complex and the sun sign is just a very small part of who you are as a person. If you are a Gemini and don’t really relate to these traits it’s likely because you have many strongly placed other signs in your chart that dull the quality of your Gemini sun.

A sun sign is basically the sign that governs your personality and is a reflection of your soul, your ego, your inner self and determines your basic approach to life. You also have your moon sign and your rising sign which contribute significantly to your character, dreams, relationships, and temperament.

Astrology has an impact on your approach to life and how you respond to any given situation. For instance, if your sun sign is Cancer you may use emotional appeal to get things done the way you want and generally just as the crab walks sideways you take an indirect approach. If you were an Aries however, you would take a more direct and physical approach to get things done.

You also have a moon and rising sign, which - very basically, breaks down to your moon is your emotional self and your rising is how you appear to the outside world. It's also your gut reaction to things. For an Aries rising, your typically knee-jerk reaction to things would be to get angry.

Sun Sign key words: basic nature, basic personality traits, values, the “big picture” of your overall personality, consciousness, basic identity, basic ego

NOTE: You are a Virgo Sun sign if you are born between August 23rd and September 22nd although the exact time varies every year so if you were born near the transition you should check to be sure what your sun sign is. I really like the website Just type in your birthday, time of birth, place of birth, and it will give you your accurate sun, moon, and rising sign.

♎️Sun Series: Libra ♎️

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac and is an air sign. The other air signs are Aquarius and Gemini.

Libras are very laid back and are extremely nice people. Like Taurus they are ruled by Venus so they love love, beautiful things, and everything concerning beauty. Libras are considered to be the most beautiful sign of the zodiac. They are more likely to be physically beautiful but if they’re not physically attractive, people will still be attracted to them. They are just attractive to people in every sense (Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron, and Will Smith are Libras). They like to be well dressed and well put together at all times. Libras are beautiful and like to look beautiful. They always present themselves well. They are an extraordinarily charming sign. So likeable. People just really like Libras.

They are captivating, they can take over a room when they speak. They speak with emotion and they speak in ways that make people want to listen to them. They are known to be able to put together words nicely. They are good writers and are good with songs and poetry.

Libras have a sense of dreaminess and calmness about them. Their sign is the scales and they balance everything out and smooth things over. A very peaceful and harmonious sign. “Cool Cats.” They can come across as dumber than they are, but this just isn’t true. Libra is an air sign and is extremely intelligent. They don’t really show this too often. They are the type to dumb themselves down to make other people feel good about themselves. They’re not the type to be boastful or flashy about their intelligence. They like things calm and everyone to be equal.

Air signs have a special ability to imagine every scenario. They see every side to every situation. They don’t like confrontation and are the one friend in the group to never have any strong opinions and stay neutral. They want everyone to be heard and everyone to feel heard. They have an intuitive sense of how everyone is feeling and are excellent mediators. They are all about fairness and equality.

They are extremely indecisive because they can see every side of something. Good luck on getting your Libra to decide on anything. This is something they really need to work on. They can get crippled from having to make decisions. Do NOT ever push them into making a decision. They need to take their time. This is a big problem for Libras, they can be successful but they can’t decide what they want so they never really fully commit to anything. Committing is very hard for a Libra, they have a hard time committing to anything. Relationship, careers, majors. They’re very airy and flighty. Too much so, they need to learn to make commitments.

Permanence scares Libras. They’re terrified of making the wrong choice. They’re very cautious. They aren’t good at committing to social events either. They’re unreliable in that sense. Extremely flakey. They’re the type of friend to say they’re coming and then flake out on you. They have a hard time planning. If you want a Libra to do something with you, try not to plan it. You kind of have to spring it on them or else they’ll overthink it too much and say no.

Libras truly care in the depths of their soul, what other people think about them. They need to be liked by others. This usually isn’t a problem, but it drives Libras insane when people don’t like them. They have a tendency to overthink about this. They will change who they are so people will like them. Libras have a tendency to become the person that they’re dating. They need to develop their own sense of self, and learn to not care what other people think of them.

Libras really struggle with confidence and standing up for themselves. They hate conflict, so they let people walk on them and talk over them. Unevolved Libras are uncertain of themselves, and have low self-esteem. They need constant reassurance from others. They’re lesson in life is to overcome this, and learn that they’re worthiness can only be defined by themselves and that they deserve to be treated better. They must learn to believe in themselves and can be underachievers because of this.

They have an amazing sense of creativity. They are normally involved in the arts. They are all about expression and are very good at making places beautiful. A lot of Libras become interior decorators. They have a tendency to be a little pretentious. Their houses are usually the most beautiful and peaceful. They are particular about their homes and surroundings. They really need everything to be beautiful and they like luxurious things.

As an air sign, they have a great sense of style. They just know how to surround themselves with beautiful things and how to create a nice space. They are very good at interpersonal relationships. They love being social and having social connections. They love hearing what people have to say because they love to know how other people think and how other people's minds work. They are very fascinated by other people and put others first.

They cannot stand injustice and unfairness. They have a real heart for charity and need to improve the world. Because of this they usually know a lot about politics and other countries. They are good at arguing for fairness and many Libras become Lawyers because they’re good at seeing things from other angles and knowing what is fair. They want to make the world a more fair and equal place. They like to help others. They don’t tolerate cheating to get to the top.

Every sign brings certain traits into the world, Libras keep the peace. Their sign ensures that the world is just. They bring a very needed energy to the world.

Keywords: Charming, witty, indecisive, airy, intelligent, cautious, beautiful, mediator, loving, peaceful, balanced,

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