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๐ŸŽจ 6 Incredible Artists You Need to Know About ๐ŸŽจ

Freelance artists are people who are commissioned to create a specific piece or series of pieces for clients. They can be graphic artists, sculpture artists, painters, etc and are typically self-employed. Personally, I feel that too often freelancers get overlooked because they can be hard to find. In an effort to create more awareness for freelance artists (and small artists in general) here is a short list of super cool and amazing artists that I know of. Feel free to commission them and check out their sites. Even an Insta follow would help. So without further ado here are 6 Incredible Artists you Need to Know About. 

(Photo Credit: @artbyjmalone on Instagram)

  • Jamie Malone
    • Jamie Malone is an artist based out of central Iowa. They are a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Bio/Pre-Medical Illustration. You can commission them for prints, paintings, graphic design, and illustrations. They are heavily inspired by celestial bodies, music, black creatives, and the natural word. They wish to educate and celebrate with their creations, and provide clients with art they can cherish for lifetimes.
    • Site -
    • Insta @artbyjmalone
    • Twitter @warmlux

These 8.5 x 5.5 prints are available at Jamie's website ( Proceeds are currently going to the bail funds of Des Moines Protesters who were arrested during the George Floyd / Black Lives Matters Protests. 

  • Jordan Jorgenson
    • Is also an artist based out of Iowa. They do watercolor paintings, drawings, poster designs etc. 
    • Insta @jorjorgenson

(Photo Credit: @jorjorgenson on Instagram)

    • Summer Mursum
      • Summer is an artist out of Iowa. They do drawings, paintings, and makeup. 
      • Their coloring book! - Little Village 
      • Insta @Mersum_ 

    (Photo Credit: @mersum_ on Instagram)
    • Sabrina Brugmann
      • Sabrina Brugmann is an Argentinian artist who creates empowering illustrations. In her own words from her website. "Hi, my name is Sabrina Brugmann also known as Sasa Elebea. ​I’m an Argentinean illustrator and tattoo artist, living in Tel Aviv. My work consists on writing empowering quotes on illustrations of women and feminine objects. I look forward to sharing a positive message on my Instagram to keep people inspired and motivated. I believe that a positive way of thinking, and living a mindful life can make a huge impact on the mood. On my designs, I share that experience with all the ones that are looking for this feeling.​"
      • Site -
      • Insta @sasa_elebea
      • Facebook Page - @hi.elebea
      • Twitter - @elebea
      • Tumblr - @elebea
      • Pinterest - @sasaelebea

    (Photo Credit: @sasa_elebea on Instagram)

    • Kat R. 
      • Nola is a multimedia artist who studied the intersection of science and art, and is starting to work toward her Master's in Medical Illustration. with this degree, she plans to specialize in creating works of art that bridge the gap in knowledge and reduce malpractice in the medical field, including medical treatment for women of color and Black women, LGBTQ+ inclusive sexual education, and entertainment media that brings life to the voices of systemically ignored groups of people. While her works in fine art now are mostly focused on the human figure, sensuality, and feminine expression, her main passion lies within science, and expressing its use for progress. She recently began transforming thrifted and factory closeout clothing into wearable works of art using a different medium - bleach. Her mission with the bleached products is to use clothing that's secondhand and saving them from a land fill or burn pile - which is a reality for nearly every company in fast fashion - and bring awareness to the environmental impacts of such trades. Someone who feels compelled to have a foot in every door, she's made works in digital art, animation, painting, drawing, graphic design, clothing design, sewing, and photography. She can be commissioned to do most of these mediums, and has specialized in custom ethereal nude paintings, pet portraits, and animated character re-draws.
      • Etsy shop: @KRArtKat
      •  Twitter: @imabigboy69
      • Insta: @nolakats
      • Patreon: @nolakat
      • Ko-fi: @krartkat
    (Photo Credit: @nolakats on Instagram, these shirts are available at Kat's Etsy shop linked above)

    (Photo Credit: @alexisrakun on Instagram)

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