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๐Ÿ›ฉ The Reincarnation of a WW2 Fighter Pilot ๐Ÿ›ฉ

I don’t know about you but I love a good reincarnation story. This story I’m gonna share today is just wild and incredibly convincing. It will leave you speechless. It’s the story of a boy named James Leininger. There’s actually a whole book dedicated to this story called Soul Survivor. The book obviously would have a lot more information than I’m gonna include in this article so if you wanna learn more about this story go check it out. This is gonna be a wild ride so strap in. 

You can find the audiobook Here. 

James Leininger was born April 10th, 1998 to Bruce and Andrea Leininger. When James was very young (around 2) he was really really obsessed with airplanes. Much more than the average kid would obsess about something and he knew a lot about war planes in particular. James' parents thought it was a little odd that their son wouldn’t play with any other toys except planes but they didn’t think too much of it at first because a lot of little boys are obsessed with certain things at that young age. It started to get a little weird when their very young son would correct them on plane terminology. He just knew too much about planes to be normal. How could a 2 year old know things like what a drop tank is? He would say little things about planes that he just shouldn’t know all the time.

James' father took him to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Texas and he says that he could not believe how mesmerized his son was by the whole thing. His behaviour was just strange. Most 2 year olds would probably run through the exhibit and not really look very closely at anything but James wanted to spend hours at the WW2 exhibit in particular. Bruce (his father) would even try to lead him away but James would always wonder back to the WW2 exhibit. Eventually they had been at the WW2 exhibit for 3 hours and Bruce finally tried to take him away and James had a huge fit. To get him to leave Bruce bought him a video of the Navy Blue Angels and Bruce says after this James had the video on all the time.

James was extremely interested in planes and extremely interested in WW2. The thing is James' family doesn’t come from a military or aviation background at all, which is why his intense obsession in these things was just kind of strange. He seemed to have a basic knowledge of the military and aviation when there was just no way he could have known these things.

A little bit after James second birthday he started to have these crazy nightmares. Which is pretty common for kids to have nightmares but James was having these things on a whole different level. He would act traumatized after experiencing these. He would go into full on night terrors where he would kick and scream in his sleep not even knowing he was dreaming. His parents started to get really concerned because these nightmares would happen 4-6 times a week. They would always find him lying on his back kicking up at the ceiling and when his mom would ask what he’s dreaming about he would say, “airplane crash plane on fire little man can’t get out!” It was always the same nightmare over and over again.

His parents were extremely concerned and couldn’t figure out why it was always the same dream and why it was so intense all the time. The first person to think that this might have been reincarnation was James’s grandma. She said that maybe he’s just experiencing a past life memory.

If you don’t know anything about past life memories they typically occur in kids between the ages of 2-5 because that’s when we’re closest to the other side. They haven’t had the cultural experiences and the conditioning of experiences yet. So their memories are fresher. Usually the memories begin to fade during the ages of 5-7. Past life memories are not a rare phenomenon and if you start to look into it they happen extremely frequently.

James’s mother took her mother’s advice and started asking him about these dreams he was having. Jame’s father however was extremely skeptical of the reincarnation theory. He was very religious and didn’t think there was any way that this could be a case of reincarnation.

When James’s mother started asking him about these dreams James said that in the dream he was flying a plane that took off from a boat but was shot down and crashed. When she asked who shot him down he would look at her like it was obvious and say, “the Japanese.” (Keep in mind, this kid is 2.) His parents were baffled. They asked him who was the pilot and he said, “James.” They thought he was just confused and saying his own name. When they asked what plane he flew he would say, “A Corsair.” They looked it up and it was a real plane. He would also talk about how the Corsair had issues with landing, that it would sometimes vear to the left, and that the tires would go flat easily. Which is a very specific thing for a two year old to say. So then they asked what was the name of the boat and he said, “Natoma.” Which was an aircraft carrier that was stationed in the Pacific Ocean in WW2. Bruce was still skeptical and thought that maybe it was all just coincident and he started to really focus on disproving this reincarnation theory. He was determined to prove that this wasn’t happening and to find a logical explanation for all of this.

James would draw pictures of planes all the time and would always sign his drawings “James 3.” No one knew why he always signed “James 3” so one day his dad asked him and he said, “Because I’m the third James.” His parents didn’t really know what to make of that.

James would also do weird things with his GI Joe toys. He named them Leon, Billy and Walter. And his parents had no idea where he got these names from. So Bruce asked him one day why he named them that and James said, “well those were the first guys who met me in heaven when I got there.”

… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

His parents kept pressing him for information and he started talking about a man named Jack Larson. Which was pretty specific. One day his dad was reading a history book called The Battle for Iwo Jima and James happened to see a map in the book. James looked up at him and said, “Daddy, that’s where my plane was shot down.”

After this Bruce started to believe in this theory a bit. He found an organization online called the Natoma Bay Association and that’s where he connected with a man called Leo Piet. Leo was a radio man in WW2 on the Natoma aircraft carrier. At first Bruce didn’t say anything about his son or anything that was happening with that. He just started asking Leo some questions to confirm or deny some of James’s claims. Leo said that there weren't any Corsairs on the carrier but that they did do several missions near Iwo Jima. He then asked Leo if he knew of a man named Jack Larson who might’ve been on the ship, and Leo did. However he said that he hadn’t seen Jack Larson since the war. So Bruce started to track down Jack but he just couldn’t find anything.

He searched through government records of soldiers who died on the Natoma but came up empty handed. Bruce eventually went to a Natoma Bay convention and there he found that Jack Larson was a real person and that he was in fact still alive and was living in Springfield, Arkansas.

James has said that his plane had been hit head on and had shown his father exactly where he was hit, right in the engine of the plane. When they managed to track Jack Larson down, he told them that he had been James Huston Jr ‘s wingman and was flying in a plane right next to him and watched his plane get hit head on and crash.

James Huston Jr. was a fighter pilot in the Pacific during WW2. He was stationed on the USS Natoma and flew for 5 months before he was shot down. He died at the age of 21 in Chichi Iwa. Right where James Leininger had pointed out in his father's book. James Huston Jr was actually James Huston the third, making him the third James.

Bruce started to admit that there's only so much denying he could do and really started to believe this but there was one thing that still didn’t fit. His son was adamant that he was flying a Corsair but when Bruce did some digging it came up that James Huston was not flying a Corsair when he got shot down. Also while Bruce was at the convention, no one even mentioned Corsairs and no one recalled there being any Corsairs. It was the only piece that wasn’t making any sense so Bruce took his investigation a step further and actually contacted James Huston's family. In 2003 they managed to track down James Huston’s sister, Anne Huston Baron.

They told her everything that had been going on with their son James and she wanted to talk to him. They had several phone conversations and James knew several things that he just shouldn’t have known. First he said that it was Annie not Anne, and that they had a sister named Ruth. He even knew that Ruth was 4 years older than Anne and that Anne was 4 years older than James, making him the youngest. He also said that he was the only one who called her Annie. It was all completely accurate. He said that as children they had had matching portraits done by an artist and that the artist's name was Darryl and that they had given the paintings to their mother as a gift. Anne says that no one besides her and her siblings had ever even known about the paintings.

Anne sent James (Leininger) a box of James Huston things and the first item in the box was a picture of James next to a Corsair airplane. According to Anne this was his favorite plane and the one he flew in all the time. James Huston had even been in a special squadron a year before he died that only flew Corsair airplanes.

Remember those three GI Joes that James had named? Those were real people. Their full names were Billy Peeler, Leon Conner, and Walter Devlon. They all died while serving with James Huston on the Natoma.

Bruce was convinced at this point and he even set up a memorial for the Natoma. At the memorial inauguration there was a veteran named Bob Greenwald who had served with James Huston on the Natoma. James (Leininger) knew that that man's name was Bob Greenwald before even knowing it was him. He said that he recognized his voice. After the ceremony his parents said that James was acting pretty bummed and not in a good mood. He said it was because all of his friends were old. In his head he had expected to see all of his young friends.

As time went on James' parents decided to have a memorial for James Huston. They went to Chichi Iwa to leave flowers and while there James was extremely emotional.

His parents are both completely convinced. It was their first time being parents and were very protective. They knew what books they read to him and what shows he was watching. There’s no way he could have known any of these things and especially not at 2 years old. James is older now and still believes that he is the reincarnated version of James Huston the Third. He says that the nightmares stopped after they went to Chichi Iwa when he was able to come to peace with it.

There's some theories that try to explain reincarnation. Some people think that the soul/spirit is like a radio signal and it needs a body/device to pick it up. Reincarnation has been a staple of eastern religion for an extremely long time.

James’s dad tried to debunk this for years and was never able to. There’s just no logical explanation for this other than James Leininger is the reincarnated version of James Huston the third.

Let me know what you guys think of this one. There will be more in the future but I wanted to start off with one of my favorites. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ’›Katie

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