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🌙 What is a Moon Sign? 🌙

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In my Sun Series I went through some astrology basics and "What is a Sun Sign?" at the top of every sun series article and I've decided that I'm not gonna do that for the moon series because its just repetitive and boring. 

So for future reference when you're reading my Moon Series and don't really remember what a moon sign is you can just come here for a refresher. The Moon Series posts are just gonna be what the traits of the signs in the moon position and not an explanation of what a moon sign is, got it? okay yay :) 

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Astrology is extremely complex and you are several signs not just your sun sign. Your sun sign is the sign that the sun was in when you were born. The moon sign is a little different in that its where the moon was in the sky during your birth and it changes every few days. 

The moon rules your emotional self. It's your emotional instincts and habits. If your moon is in Aries you probably get angry easily and if your moon is in Pisces you may get your feelings hurt a little too easily. The moon sign is where you find yourself comfortable. If you have a Libra moon you may have gotten married young, if you're a Leo moon you may find that you like to stay single. This obviously has a lot to do with what's in the rest of your chart - like I said astrology is super complex, but you may relate to some of these traits if your moon sign is in these signs. 

The moon also rules your subconscious and inner self. The you that you don't show the world. The part of you that's hidden just like the moon is always partially hidden. It's key in understanding your relationships. 

The moon explains your inner emotional needs and childhood trauma. It represents The Mother and can tell you about your relationship with yours. 

If your moon is in an air sign you may find it hard to figure out exactly what you're feeling and you don't tend to get attached easily. If your moon is in a water sign, you may be a little needy in relationships, or extremely sensitive. A moon sign in an earth position may mean that you are looking for permanence and something you can build from. A fire sign in the moon position could mean that you move quickly in relationships, and are spontaneous. Moving from one extreme to another. 

I feel like understanding what a moon sign might make more sense when you read about the signs in the moon position so if you're confused thats okay, I'll have more articles up soon :) 

Im really looking forward to diving into the Moon signs!! I feel like you can't really understand or know a person until you know their moon sign. 

 So just like with my Sun Series I'm going to be going through the zodiac wheel starting with Aries. I'm planning on getting that up within the next couple days so stay tuned and thanks for reading 💛

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