Thursday, July 2, 2020

✈️ Small Announcement! ✈️

Hi everyone I have a small announcement. 

I have another blog! 

Whereas this blog is dedicated to true crime, conspiracies, witchcraft, etc. I wanted a place that's more fitting for my adventures, stories, thoughts, etc. Something more casual that doesn't really fit into the style of this blog. Something that's just me :) 

without further ado I give you My Morning Playlist

That was supposed to be a gif but idk if it'll work lol. 

Anyway, My Morning Playlist  is gonna be a super casual place for me tell my travel stories, life things, and just overall whatever I feel like. For now I think its gonna be a Travel/Lifestyle blog but i dunno we'll see what happens lol. 

I think Im gonna tell a few of my favorite travel stories like the time I almost got arrested in Estonia or how the first night I ever spent in New York City I got into a super exclusive erotic burlesque club lol

Thank you for reading! And plz head over there to check it out if you feel like it, thank 😘

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