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🔮 A New Moon Ritual 🕯(March 2021 in Pisces 🐟)

The new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle. This is the best time to embark on new things, new beginnings, new relationships, long term goals, and intention setting. 

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Depending on where your rising is, this new moon will effect you in a certain house. Since my rising is Libra, this Pisces new moon falls in my 5th house. The house of pleasure, creativity, entertainment, fun and play. For me this new moon means to start a new creative endeavor. 

New Moon in the Houses
  1. House 1
    • This is a powerful placement. New moon in the first house means it's time to reinvent yourself. This cycle would be best to focus on changing habits, believing in yourself, and the importance of expressing yourself authentically. 
  2. House 2
    • The second house is all about the senses, financial matters, beauty and pleasure. Finances may be a focus for you in this cycle or prioritizing pleasure for pleasures sake. This is the perfect time to set some realistic financial goals. 
  3. House 3
    • New Moon in this house means it's time to learn something new and to prioritize daily tasks. The third house is all about communication and mental rapport. Stimulate your brain. Write letters, send emails, commit to completing daily tasks. You will be very mentally active and aware during this cycle. 
  4. House 4
    • The fourth house is all about home and family. During this cycle you can expect to more in touch with your feelings and inner voice. This cycle is beneficial to any home-centered activities. Even renovating, or reorganizing your space. 
  5. House 5
    • The 5th house is the house of fun and play. Creativity, passion and boldness can highlight this cycle for you. It's the perfect time to start a new creative endeavor and express yourself. Be Bold during this time.
  6. House 6
    • The 6th house rules over our health, routines, schedules, business, and the small details. Prioritize your health. Start a new workout routine or start eating healthier. Critical thinking and analyses is heightened during this cycle. 
  7. House 7
    • The 7th house is all about love, relationships, and pairings. Maintaining relationships or starting new ones are a priority during this cycle. This is a good time to make contacts. You may be more charming, gracious, or supportive. 
  8. House 8
    • The 8th house is a deeply complex house. Awareness of how others tick and your own internal motivations is heightened. Prioritize intimacy and deep sharing. This may be a good time to go over your finances. 
  9. House 9
    1. New moon in the 9th house means it's time to get out, travel and experience things out of the ordinary. This may not be travel in the literal sense of the word but looking inward and discovering new pieces of yourself. This is also the house of philosophy. A new perspective could be on the horizon or a new way of seeing the world. Embrace this. 
  10. House 10
    • The 10th house rules over social standing and your place in society. This house also has to do with career and progress. This is the perfect time to re-new or start a whole new career, business, or business plans. You can expect to focus on the elements of your career as well as elements of your public standing within your community. 
  11. House 11
    • New Moon in this house means its time to re-new your focus on making social connections with others. This can be in a professional and a personal sense. This time is more about your place within a group than it is about your own introspection. Focus on making new connections at this time or reinvigorating and nurturing the old ones. 
  12. House 12
    • The 12 house is a deeply complex and spiritual house. It is a difficult house to articulate in words. Your focus during this cycle will be of introspection and spiritual matters. This may be a time of withdrawal from social circles favoring and emphasis on soul-searching or "recharging" your spiritual batteries. 

This is the perfect time to set intentions for the next month. This period is all about new change so be looking towards new endeavors or changing old habits. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and is a complicated and complex sign. Try to turn your attention inwards, your thoughts shape your reality. 

  1. Create your sacred space. Light candles, arrange your crystals, ground yourself. 
    • Take the time to relax, take a bath maybe. 
  2. Journal off anything stressful thats been on your mind so you can start this new moon with a clean slate. 
  3. Set your intentions. Write down what you want to manifest. The clearer you are the better. (Write, "I intend for this cycle, then a bullet list of things you want, date it, and sign it at the bottom.
  4. Create your Mantra. Create a one sentence or so affirmation that supports your intentions that you can repeat to yourself in the mirror - every night before you go to bed. 
  5. Lay down and visualize that you already have what you have manifested. Notice what you look like, how you feel, what the energy is like. (Feeling is the key word here - you have to FEEL like you have/are whatever it is that you want. FEEL it.) 
  6. Give thanks to this past cycle and prepare your mind to whats to come

Good luck and Blessed Be 🔮

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