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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about The God Saturn ♄

 "There is no such thing as quick success" 

- Lawrence King

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Saturn ⇢ Roman

Cronus ⇢ Greek 

Osiris ⇢ Egyptian 

Shani ⇢ Hindu 

✷Saturn is the God of Time and one of the most important Gods in Roman mythology. 

He is the God of....  

- Generations
- Dissolution
- Wealth
- Peace
- Agriculture
- Periodic Renewal
- Liberation and Time

✧ Saturn Rules Capricorn, Aquarius, and the 10th House

 . . . 

Saturn's purpose is to bring structure and order into our lives. He reminds us that we have deadlines. There are boundaries to our lives. You can't just do whatever you want. You must be responsible in order to move forward. He is about dedication, self-control, and discipline. He requires these in order to accomplish your goals or feel fulfilled. 

Saturn Rules the beginning of winter. He is mature, wise, and hermit-like. He reminds us to be very picky about who we let into our inner circle, to have conservative spending habits, and to uphold traditions. 


Saturn represents history. Reminds us of our shared traditions. Rules old age and the lessons learned from aging. Saturn will fuck up your whole life to teach you a lesson. 

Saturnian Traits 
- Patient
- Stable 
- Reliable 
- Diligent 

Saturn is NOT about creativity or spontaneity. It's about picking the most practical option, slow and steady motion, and long-term vision. Saturn rewards those who study and practice and punishes those who go astray and can't focus. Saturn does not rely on luck and rewards those who plan. 

. . . 

Saturn's symbols are The Sickle and The Scythe. Saturday is Saturn's day. He rules the bones and is the skeleton of life. 

Saturn also depicts the obstacles we face in life. Enmity, disappointments, set backs, and anguish. Saturn puts light on what you neglect. If you upset Saturn it will force you to take a timeout to think about what really makes you shine. Saturn forces you to let go of what is holding you back. 

If you don't take Saturn seriously you might have, poor health, be in trouble with the law, have issues with career and relationships, be "stuck" life you can't move forward. Saturn is trying to help you and guide you down a path and structure that really works for you. Without Saturn life would be chaos and life would crumble into dust. 


Saturnalia was Saturn's Roman festival celebrated around the winter solstice. It was a time for feasts, free-speech, gift-giving, and feats of strength. 

Saturn is married to Ops (Greek - Rhea), the Goddess of wealth, abundance, and resources. An earlier version was married to Lua, the Goddess of destruction, dissolutions, and loosening. This may be why Saturn has many destructive qualities associated with him. 

✧ The name Saturn could be associated with the ancient Etruscan town of Satria and/or Saturae palus. 
✧ Saturn is one of the most complex Gods in Roman Mythology. His cults existed long before Rome was even a city. 
✧ Saturn rules the Root Chakra. 
✧ Saturn is associated with magic, power, creation, and destruction.
✧ He wielded lightening.
✧ He could have been an earthly king who became a God. He wasn't afraid to start his life over from scratch.  
✧ Saturn and Pluto are good friends. 

Saturn founded towns and brought peace with his traditions. He brought new ideas on agriculture, irrigation, and time. He was worshipped for bloodshed and honored during the gladiatorial games. 

Saturn - like Pluto, forces you to be honest with yourself. A deep understanding of Saturn in your heart and soul helps you understand where you need boundaries and where you have built walls to keep others away. He shows where you are blocked in life and what you need to master to overcome these blocks. Your hidden fears and where that fear unconsciously shapes your life. - Where you need to work. Where you are serious and where you need to lighten up. Your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses. 

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Saturn is wisdom with aging. 
He is... 
- The Mastery of Self
- Master of your work and passions
- Mastery of your physical being 

. . .  

Deep acceptance of your Saturn energy leads you to... 
✵ Love and appreciate the wisdom he brings rather than seeing it as a block or holding you back - like a kind older persons guidance learning to appreciate and trust it. 
✵ His loving protection. 
✵ Embrace the strength and discipline he gives. 
✵ Accepting your fears and realizing that they are not real - Teaching us to be fearless. 


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Without rules there is chaos. Saturn helps you understand and work with the rules and restrictions that you have and require deep down. Saturn helps us with setting and keeping firm boundaries. "No." There is no sugarcoating with Saturn you have to look at the part you play. 

⪻❅*Accept the structure your soul needs *❅⪼

Wherever you feel restricted and fearful in life, choose to see it as grounding instead. 
Where do you feel blocked and restricted? 
What are your biggest fears? How can you turn them into something useful? 

Saturn gives harsh reality checks. We all face responsibilities and restrictions. Nobody can stay young and free forever. 

Saturn needs to be studied in your birth chart to really understand what he wants you to master in this lifetime. Saturn aspects in your birth chart signifies a string of Karmic lessons and delays on the way to success and self-realisation. Your first Saturn return is your real initiation into adulthood. Saturn is associated with authority figures. Saturn teaches what you need to learn in this lifetime as per your karma. Look at Saturn aspects in your birth chart. 

Saturn is Jupiter's father. He can reward even greater than Jupiter. If you've earned it. 

Saturn is the Father Time, The Lord of Karma, and The Lord of Legacy. 

~ Slow and Steady ~ Don't Rush ~ Baby Steps ~ 

Good things take time. 

Saturn also represents mountains, structures, bones, stones, teeth, skeleton, cold weather, the government, the under-priviledged of society, and the old. 

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

❂ ⥈Worship/Offerings⥈ ❂
➳ The number 3 (comes in 3's) 
➳ Taking care of your responsibilities 
➳ Meditation 

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