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Friday, March 24, 2023

I have decided that I actually don't wanna run an Astrology blog

 I have been really intrigued by blogging for a very long time and started this blog over the demic and since have kinda not really known what to do with it but also know that I wanna keep having a blog. 

Part of me has so many things and thoughts and art and music and love to share but also sharing is vulnerable especially on the internet so I hold back from actually sharing what I want to share and end up creating and posting things that interest me but are not actually to the depth that I really want to share. 

Being authentic is vulnerable and I am kind of a weird girl so I don't think that a lot of people will get it but is it really the point for people to get it? Or am I just needing/wanting to share and express myself with the world regardless if people get it or not? 

I have decided to just do what I want because who I am even performing for anyway? I think the best way to increase your vulnerability is some good ol exposure therapy and also I don't really care that much about what strangers think anyway.

I really think that God taps me on the shoulder sometimes and reminds me that I am here to change the world by simply existing in it and I have decided to do that and to also no longer tolerate feeling like I don't deserve to take up space in this world and be seen. 

If you get it you get it and if you don't you don't. 

I also started a podcast called A Heart of Gold. - Something that I've wanted to do for a long time but hadn't because I want everything to be perfect before starting but then end up getting overwhelmed with being perfect and then just never doing it because I think it's "too hard" when it's actually not I just get super weird about things being perfect before starting them. When actually nothing is ever that hard and I've started telling myself that you need to stop thinking that things are hard just stop. Just stop thinking that it's hard. Everything is a Placebo Effect and it's really all in your head. 

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and do all the things and all that because ITS NOT THAT FKN HARD 
It was actually never that fkn hard. 


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