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πŸ’€ Iowa's Ghost Stories πŸ’€

Since a young age, I have always been fascinated by all things paranormal. Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve been told many of the ghost stories and strange phenomena that have happened to my family members and people I know. I myself have had a few strange things happen that I can’t explain.

Personally I don’t think Iowa is a major hotspot for paranormal activity but I know that it happens. And I have a few stories to tell.

Schoon Farm 1975 - Knierim, IA
    • One night my Grandma is awakened by a loud crash that sounds like her China cabinet has fallen over. She runs down to the basement to find absolutely nothing out of place. 
    • My Aunt (around 12 at the time) sees a tall man in a top hat walking up the farm house lane at night. She says he looks just like Abe Lincoln.
    • My Grandma says that she would feel rushes of cold air, as if someone had just walked by her, but there was no one there and no reason for the small gusts of wind. 
    • The man who lived on the farm prior had mouth cancer and was constantly in excruciating pain. He was known to rip chucks of his jaw out. My Grandma believes it was his restless ghost tormenting them.
    • They moved into the garage and burned the house down in 1976. They have not had any paranormal activity since. 

Ames, IA 2017 - (All of these occurred in the same room at a residence in Ames)
    • The lamp that no one could get to turn on would turn on in the middle of the night without anyone touching it. 
    • People started to report the feeling of being watched but only when they entered just this one room in the house
    • The same room was always noticeably colder than the rest of the house. No matter what they did they couldn’t make the room stay at a comfortable temperature for long. 
    • Also in the same room, people report hearing people arguing just outside the window at night but upon inspection there was no one there. 
    • People have also reported hearing branches scrape against the window but there were no branches or anything that could have made that noise nearby. 

Iowa State Farmhouse Museum - Ames, IA
    • Employees have stated hearing broken glass but finding none.
    • Occasionally people will report seeing a woman in the window dressed in period clothes from a different time.
    • Feeling gusts of wind as if someone has just walked by are common. 
    • Doors have shut and locked on their own.
    • Electronics are reported to stop working or malfunction while in the house. 
    • (Personal Story) Back in 2015 I was taking summer classes at ISU. For class one day we went on a tour of the Iowa State Farm House Museum which is notoriously haunted. Immediately upon entering I started to feel very strange and midway through the tour I could only see static. I had to sit down and wait for it to pass. It took about 10 minutes and then I was able to rejoin the group. I have never experienced before or since seeing static and I am convinced it was due to paranormal activity.
*Iowa State Campus was named the 5th most haunted campus in the midwest in 2014

McCarville Residence, Fort Dodge, IA - Early 1990s
    • Lights would turn on and off without anyone touching them 
    • The radio would frequently turn on without anyone touching it 
    • My cousin and a friend were in the house alone one day. They left the kitchen briefly to come back to find every drawer, cabinet, and cupboard was open. 
    • (I know that there is a lot more activity that happened at this house but I'm waiting to hear back from them and I'll add more once I hear from them)

Unknown Iowa Country Road - 1962
    • My great uncle is driving home late one night in down pouring rain. He encounters a woman wearing white standing in the middle of the road. He gets out to see if she's alright but she is suddenly gone. He notices that the bridge had been washed out. If he hadn't have stopped he would have driven right over the edge and likely perished. 

I love hearing about things that can’t be explained. Let me know some of your ghost stories! I will be checking :) Thanks for reading πŸ’›Katie

The Iowa State Farm House Museum was the first building on Iowa State Campus. Its a National Historic Landmark that was built in 1860. It served as a living quarters for various Iowa State deans, professors, farmhands and students. (photo is curtesy of https://www.museums.iastate.edu/visit/farm-house-museum)

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